Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

Start Planning Your Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

All my single ladies! Well sort of, but hey you’re definitely single for the weekend. Vegas wouldn’t be Vegas without the bachelorette and her team of babes rolling through town in true VIP fashion. We’re here to make sure you give your bachelorette the best final goodbye ever. This is not just any old night out on the town, this is a rare occasion when you send off one of your own and you want it to be a “Remember when...” moment for the bride and all of you.
Grab the girls, the more the merrier, and let’s make this bachelorette party in Las Vegas happen. At Vegas Hot Spots we’ve got all the options your party needs. Have a day at the spa, a great dinner filled with champagne, dance the night away, and enjoy some sexy men like the Men of Sapphire and Thunder from Down Under.


If you’re going to celebrate, then stay at the Cosmopolitan and get a bungalow. It’s pretty much like a house, but way more awesome. 


Marquee, Hakkasan, XS, and Light are the best in town for clubbing.


Absinthe is wild, funny, and totally raunchy. It will start a big night off the right way.


Morels is amazing seafood and raw bar to keep it light for the ladies and enough oysters to get you feeling some type of way.


If you want to take a break from the ruckus, you can explore Sierra Nevada Country with East-West Global Tours for a relaxing and beautiful trip.