The One Show You Absolutely Must See That You Don't Know About

Terry Fator Live Las Vegas Show Tickets Mirage Theater


There’s a reason why the Mirage Hotel and Casino signed Terry Fator to a five-year, one hundred million dollar contract in May, 2008.


There’s a reason why they promptly renamed their theater The Terry Fator Theater.

And there’s a reason why none other than Simon Cowell himself has referred to Fator as one of the top two entertainers in the world today.

(And we all know that Simon Cowell does not dole out empty praise.)

The reason, of course, is that Terry Fator’s the real deal. Good old-fashioned Vegas entertainment at its best. And Las Vegas Weekly’s Best Strip Entertainer of 2016. 

If you’ve ever been to one his shows, you’ve very likely not been able to take your eyes off the stage. If you had, however, what you’d find in the audience would be almost as striking - a sea of wide eyes and open mouths...wonder, amazement, and laughter often to the point of tears.

So what exactly does Terry Fator do? The better question may be what doesn’t he do?

The first thing you may notice is that he’s a ventriloquist.

The second thing you may notice is that he’s the best the ventriloquist you’ve ever seen

And the third thing you may notice is there’s a lot more to this show than just a parade of talking puppets (more on that in a second). There’s the comedy, there’s the music, the singing, celebrity impersonations, all of it wrapped up into a thoroughly entertaining 90-minute show that continues to receive rave reviews from audiences and critics alike.

Originally from Texas, Fator bounced around show business for a couple decades, first as a singer in a band and then later turning to ventriloquism and comedy. His big break came in 2007 when Fator won Season 2 of the hit show America’s Got Talent.

That led him down Route 15 from Los Angeles into the Nevada desert and a date with Vegas showbiz destiny.  

On a typical night at the Terry Fator Theater the audience can expect an array of puppet characters from all walks of life animated, of course, by Fator himself. There’s Elvis impersonator Maynard Thompkins. Walter T. Airdale, the country singer running for president. Wrex the crash-test dummy. Vikki the Cougar, always on the prowl for younger guys. Duggie Scott Walker, the next door neighbor who likes to party maybe a bit too much. And many, many more.

There’s even a new arrival for 2017 - The Donald himself, President Donald J. Trump.

Not only does Fator make these puppets talk, tell jokes, and do impressions without a scintilla of lip movement on his part, but he even makes them sing.

Think you’ve seen ventriloquism before? You haven’t seen a thing until you’ve seen Fator’s child prodigy puppet Emma Taylor hit every fantastic note of Etta James’ “At Last” while Fator’s lips remain perfectly still.

And that’s why this remains one of the most sought after tickets in town heading into 2017.

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