The Only Guide A Bachelor Will Ever Need: Part 1

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Your Complete Las Vegas Bachelor Party Guide: Part 1


It’s that time of year again, and while all of the ladies are working hard to get every tiny detail just right for the big day, the groom-to-be and all of his buddies have on thing on their mind, the Bachelor Party coming this spring. Nightclubs, dayclubs, stripclubs, pool parties, world class restaurants, helicopter tours, golf days, partying like you’re in college again and basically anything else your bachelor hearts may desire, all reside in this city that at times seems like it was almost designed for the perfect goodbye to your bachelor’s manhood.

But as they say, with great power comes great responsibility, and with the seemingly endless buffet of parties, drinking venues, and scantily clad women, how is one to decide on just two or three days in Sin City? That’s where we come in.

At, Vegas partying is in our blood. Hell it should be, we’ve only been here doing it for as long as we can remember, and before us, the old guys who we bought the website from basically built this city, but that story's for another time. In this blog we’ll outline all of the best options for a bachelor party weekend that by the end of it will have the groom-to-be thanking his lucky stars that his boys agreed on the Vegas trip and will leave his groomsmen shopping for local real estate because they don’t want to leave. So ‘Best Men’ listen up, here’s a detailed list on everything and anything that you won’t want to miss for the weekend you’ll never forget.



This is an important decision which is why we’ve decided to start here. Your hotel will be basecamp for the weekend of epic proportions. From the celebratory “here we go” drink once everyone gets there in one of the featured hotel bars or lounges, to the “oh my god what just happened” meeting of the minds when you guys are packing up your bags for the airport, let’s face it, the hotel is your lifeline. So let’s choose wisely.

The Cosmopolitan has stood out as a bachelor party weekend favorite for years, and for good reason. The restaurants are all brain children of world renowned chefs (Jaleo, Beauty & Essex, Scarpetta, The Henry, Momofuku, and the new Blue Ribbon), and have all won more than their fair share of awards. As far as rooms go, you really can’t go wrong at the Cosmo. But if you go for a suite, request a room on the 10th floor or higher and request a view of the fountains. You won’t be able to help feeling like Brad Pitt of George Clooney from Ocean’s 11, and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to ball out on their level for an occasion like this.

Wynn Las Vegas is an easy choice harboring the only 18 hole golf course on the strip, because no matter how hard you like to party, there’s no better afternoon activity on a sunny Saturday than hitting the links to ease into what will inevitably become one of the longest days of continuous partying since college. The food and suites are equally as amazing and their location on the strip will also come in very handy as it’s within stumbling distance of a few of our favorite clubs.

Pro tip, shop for rooms early and reach out to a reservation specialists to get the best deal for a large group. There’s nothing worse than trying to get 5, 10, or 15+ guys all checked into a handful of rooms or a suite when everything was booked online. Trust us on this one, you want a real person handling this portion of the reservation process to start the trip off on the right foot.

Feel free to do your window shopping here, and when you’re ready for some prices on suites or a few rooms and you’d like a hand reach out and let us know what you’re looking for here.



Now that we have the crash pads and party palace taken care of let’s talk about where you’re heading out to get things started. As we mentioned above, Vegas has never been short on world class food. But this weekend you’re looking for meals only fit for a king. That means, STEAK, exotic foods you won’t find anywhere else, and restaurants that have the word “slut” right there in the name, yeah, you heard me right.

There are plenty of steakhouses in Vegas but our personal favorite for getting the party started happens to be STK. Conveniently located in the Cosmopolitan, this steakhouse mixes amazing hearty man food while combining the ambiance of a 5 star restaurant and a club. The perfect mixture for getting the night started, we recommend the Tuna Tartare and the Short Rib Agnolotti to start and the Alaskan King Crab and the 24 oz. Porterhouse for the main course.

What about that slut you say? Head on over to the one of a kind ‘Eggslut’ for a variety of unique dishes that are centered around the love of eggs. Also located in the Cosmo (I know what you’re thinking, and no, this article was not sponsored by the Cosmo, but it probably should have been), Eggslut is a great spot for a breakfast and dinner alike. The world-class breakfast sandwiches are an obvious go to for that hangover cure, but the lunch and dinner options will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about eggs.