Booking a Las Vegas Hotel Room? You’d Be a FOOL Not to Read this Article

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There’s something the big online hotel websites aren’t telling you.


They claim to offer the best possible rates. They even offer “price guarantees.” So you can’t miss if you book with these big sites, right?


You can do better.

What they’re not telling you is that the rates they offer are the best possible public rates. This means that the rates are openly displayed right there on the site for all the world to see. It’s convenient to be sure. And if you don’t mind paying a few extra bucks (or more than few) in return for a small convenience, then the big online booking sites might be for you.

But if you’re really looking for the best possible rate, you might be interested to know that there’s another way to shop for Las Vegas hotels online. Certain new websites like are disrupting the industry by delivering special private rates to their customers.

So what’s the difference between a private rate and a public rate?

Here’s how it works: indicate the dates you’re looking for at, then provide your email address. This enables the site to instantly deliver a set of private rates directly to your email.

Because just YOU are the only person seeing the rates, and the rates are not displayed openly online, can offer cheaper deals than the public rates you’re receiving from the big online sites.

But, wait a minute, you may say. What’s the catch here? Why should I give you my private email and what do you plan to do with it?

No catch. Just cheaper rates.

Private rates.

And that’s why you should give us your email. Because we’re gonna use it for one reason and one reason only: to send you great hotel rates that save you money.

In fact, the entire business model of these new disruptors in the online booking industry is far more beneficial to you, the customer, than those big online site models can ever hope to be. The big sites are always looking for ways to make as much off the top as they can.

At your expense.

Industry disruptors like, on the other hand, have the slimmest of margins per sale. We really are giving you the best deal you can possibly get. We only make a profit with extremely large volumes of sales.

But the deals are so good, why wouldn’t they have tons of volume?


It’s a win-win. The way its supposed to be.

To know private rates is to love private rates.

So now you know.

Go to our hotel booking page right now and check out the beauty of the private rate for yourself.

Now do the same search on one of those big online booking sites and compare. 

Told ya.