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About Us

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Popping bottles in nightclubs, making it rain in stripclubs, spilling champagne at the pool parties, detoxing in day spas, eating like Bobby Flay in five star restaurants, fifth mealing at fast food joints that you've been waiting for all year, brunching at a buffet like a celebrity, flying high above the city in a helicopter, shootin’ birdies like Tiger Woods (and partying like him too?), shooting guns like Rambo, drinking margaritas like Jimmy Buffett, spending money like Warren Buffett, gambling like Daniel Negreanu, partying like Dan Bilzerian, and waking up to do it all over again. We all come to Vegas for one reason - to do something we’ll never get to do anywhere else in the world.

This isn’t your ordinary Las Vegas business - partying is in our genes. VegasHotSpots.com has been the premier Las Vegas vacation resource for for the last 15 years. It began with a desire - we wanted to share our amazing Las Vegas experiences with you. The true local experience. We have been in Vegas playing and operating businesses for years, and Vegas Hot Spots is how we can show you what the real Las Vegas is all about. You know when you visit your friends and want them to show you the best parts of town? You trust them because it's their stomping grounds -- they know their neighborhood and all its nuances. Well, Vegas Hot Spots is your friend in Las Vegas; you can rest assured we're showing you a trip that you'll never forget.

When you come to us, you trust that we will provide an authentic, once-in-a-lifetime experience that will have you telling stories for years to come. Our mission is to ensure that while you’re here having one hell of a time, you’re already making reservations for your encore return.

Whether you want a turn-up weekend with the crew, tearing up and down the Strip enjoying anything and everything Vegas has to offer, or a relaxed getaway with your significant other and the whole damn family, we are your one-stop shop for having the epic Sin City experience that you've always dreamed about.

So, the question remains... How do you Vegas?