UFC 209: Thompson's Back For Revenge

UFC 209 Las Vegas Stephen Thompson vs Tryon Woodley. VegasHotSpots.com


It's No Wonder Our Money's On "Wonderboy"


You said you wanted a rematch?! Oh man, the VegasHotSpots team is fired up after hearing the announcement that Tyron Woodley will defend his Welterweight title against the challenger Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson yet again. The news just broke last week, and there’s already a lot of drama centering around the main event for UFC 209 March 4th at the T-Mobile Arena.

The two fighters were recently recorded holding an interview together and it is clear that tension is as high now as it ever was. Their last fight on November 12, 2016 was UFC 205’s Fight of the Night and ended in a majority draw for Woodley to retain the UFC Welterweight Championship.


Stephen Thompson vs. Tyron Woodley - UFC 205


Though Woodley stands firm that a draw is a win and Thompson needs to get over it, Thompson argues that a real champion would not accept a draw as a win. Frankly, Thompson does not accept that he even lost and stands firm that it was a draw and he won most of the 5 rounds. There is no doubt that their first fight was a thrilling spectacle and we, the audience, definitely got our money’s worth. For that, we’d like to thank both fighters for putting on one hell of a show and agreeing to do it again.

When it comes down to it, our money at VegasHotSpots is on Thompson. The guy smells blood and demands redemption. Judging by his poise and swagger, I’d say he wants it more. Plus, when you get right down to it, Thompson’s height, 6 feet versus Woodley’s 5’9”, is a clear advantage for the Kempo Karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu master.

We can’t wait to tune in March 4th because this fight is going to be an intense no holds barred match that will come down to the wire!


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