The Ultra Lounge

What’s an ultra Las Vegas lounge, you ask? Start with the best elements of a private club, bar, nightclub, strip club and LA celebrity hangout, then add a healthy dash of mind-bending technology. Top it off with scores of A-list ultra-hot ladies and guys and you’ve got a perfect recipe for sophisticated socializing.

A lot of money and promotion have fueled several new Vegas venues billing themselves as the latest and greatest in this newly-named category, including Tabú, Risqué, OPM and Caramel. But arguably Vegas had a couple of ultra lounges already well-established, namely V Bar and The Foundation Room, before the recent tsunami of openings. Let’s take a look at what makes an ultra lounge in this Las Vegas lounge guide.


The first criterion is architectural design that sets an atmosphere of sensuality, intimacy, sophistication, mystery, elegance, style and energy. Each Las Vegas Ultra Lounge excels in this area, with their own distinctive flair. OPM inside The Forum Shops at Caesars above Wolfgang Puck’s Chinois restaurant, is one of the newest and strives to be a place “where Eastern style meets Western energy.” Noted southwest interior designer Stacia Lamb has combined ultra modern visuals with Zen Asian and feng shui decorator touches. Visitors to the Foundation Room, a private club atop Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, are greeted when they step off the elevator by a giant Buddha. Oriental rugs and fabrics create a lush, exotic, eclectic atmosphere.

V Bar on restaurant row in the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, takes a completely different slant with a sleek, techno, minimalist décor modeled after New York City’s hip supper club Lotus, and LA’s star-filled Sunset Room. The patrons are the show at V Bar. People are an important part of the show at Tabú as well, but in some very unexpected ways. Here Roger Parent, former executive producer for Cirque de Soleil, teamed with Reactrix Systems, to utilize sensual, intriguing images of the human body as the moving and movable images projected on the main bar and two low tables. The special effects technology makes the tables come alive to the touch. For its outside walls, Tabú uses frosted glass to allow tempting silhouettes of the activity inside.


It’s all about the music. When it’s right, everything else just falls into place. Good DJs find the groove and work it all night. Get the ladies up on their feet. What music each of these lounges plays is as varied as where the actual dancing occurs. At super chic Risqué in Paris Las Vegas, they play an energized world music mix to an intimate dance floor. The Foundation Room is one of the most fun places to dance in Las Vegas, and mixes favorites from the 80s, 90s and today and the walkways become a spontaneous dance floor. At Tabú, the interactive tables serve double duty as dance platforms for hostesses in lingerie and Hotties in not much more. And Caramel has a little something for everyone playing a versatile mix of hip-hop, Tony Bennett, ’80s and the Rolling Stones.

Drinks and Eats – Here the various lounges differ wildly. On the tame side, the Foundation Room offers a standard alcohol menu and appetizers/desserts from the House of Blues restaurant. At OPM, Risqué and Tabú, the “ultra” concept extends to the food and beverage choices as well. A late night menu of Wolfgang Puck cuisine is available at OPM even in the wee pre-dawn hours. Risqué kicks it up a notch with one-of-a-kind desserts and pastries and a coffee bar, and a sensually-dressed staff to keep the drink glasses well attended. Caramel in Bellagio offers an exotic medley of Martinis, infused vodkas, sake, and specialty drinks. But Tabú has gone so far as to dedicate entire rooms to specific beverages. The circular Tantra Room is a vodka room made of ice illuminated by custom-created light fixtures and dozens of flickering candles. Champagne is the featured cocktail in the VIP room in the back. Table service includes bottles of vodka accompanied by decanters of mixers and chocolate strawberries, an erotic 1-2 punch accentuated by the lingerie-clad model-attendants serving it to you.

Eye Candy and Star Power

Carmen Electra. Jessica Alba. Rosario Dawson. Jessica Biel. Christina Aguilera. Carol Alt. Whitney Houston. Sandy and Mandy Bentley. Ultra lounges attract the ultra chic. It’s almost impossible not to run into an actress, model, actor, sports all-star, rock star, mogul, comedian on any given night at one of these hip hangouts.

Velvet Ropes

Hey, this is Vegas baby. If we could put a velvet rope in front of a bathroom we would. All the lounges have them and getting past them gets harder the later on Friday or Saturday you try to get in. If you’re not a player in the casino, or on the list, expect to wait. But if you want be a player, you may want to check out our Las Vegas nightlife and daytime party packages that whisk you past the ropes and doormen, and seat you at your own private table.

Che Mojito!

It seems that every time temperatures rise in the desert, some plaid-trousered rube can’t help but sing the praises of “dry heat.” Generally speaking, 108 degrees is hot – dry, wet or otherwise. Thankfully in Vegas, high temperatures last only as long as you want them to. The spray misters along the strip are just a cheap come on compared to the blessed cool air conditioning that greets you inside the casinos. And the fully stocked bars promise refreshment of a wholly different variety.

Choosing the right cocktail in situations like this is not a decision to be taken lightly. Which is where Vegas Hot Spots crack crew of mixology professionals come in; we set out to uncover the ideal glass-bound tonic.

The Mojito is a Cuban concoction, and one that Fidel should be wary of. Liberation in a tumbler, we settled on its subtle, tangy flavor and alcoholic punch as the perfect antidote for summer’s century-plus temperatures.

The mix is simple: mint leaves, lime juice, simple syrup (sugar dissolved in boiling water) or confectioner’s sugar, a splash of soda water over crushed ice and, of course, rum. As with most good things, the proof is in the execution, so the VHS crew, clad in guayaberas and armed with a healthy stash of Cohibas, was off to discover the best mojito in Las Vegas.

The first stop of the night was Green Valley Ranch Station, the upper end extension of the Station Casino chain. The Ranch brings a down-to-earth luxury to the Vegas scene, a sharp contrast with its popular night club, Whiskey Sky. This swank warren of modern furniture and retro lighting has proven to be well worth the drive for the Vegas club-ready. VHS arrived early to take in the sunrise on the deck, overlooking the Ranch’s pool and spa area, and test the lingering heat. When the lovely cocktail server expressed doubt as to whether she could deliver a refreshing mojito, revolution loomed. But soon she was setting down lowballs filled with mint. The crew sipped, slurped, swallowed and confirmed the sublime nature of the drink. Tart, sweet, and minty by turns, the balance of flavors was perfect and the crew had themselves a contender off the bat.

The Mandalay Bay’s rumjungle, by virtue of its name alone, made the list of mojito contenders. This over-the-top restaurant and bar features walls of fire and a ridiculous variety of rums. As VHS’ resident cubanos tore into their drinks, however, it was clear that lots of rum means little without a mixologist to use it properly. The mint looked like it had been through a blender, making the cocktail hard to drink and giving our crew too many green specks to clear out of their teeth. Disappointed, our boys stubbed out their coronas and soldiered on.

A short walk down the strip brought them to Nectar in the Bellagio. A small bar and restaurant tucked into the North side of the Casino, Nectar is a funky place to watch the well-bred clientele and take in a ballgame at the same time. Perched on plastic stools, the crew was greeted by a Lisa Loeb-look alike waitress and a bartender who didn’t want to be bothered with a mojito. The drinks that arrived were good, however, tipped a little too far to the lime end of the spectrum but otherwise tasty enough. Maybe it was the sterile setting, but somehow this mojito failed to excite.

In the end, this battle royale of cocktails turned out to be a lopsided affair. With drink prices all in the eight to nine dollar range, the clear winner was Whiskey Sky. Well worth the 15 minute cab ride from the strip, it’s not Cuba but on a 108 degree day in Vegas, with a little imagination and appropriate attire, it will do.


Make The Most of Your Outing

Helpful Tips & Tricks For Vegas Stripclubs

If you haven’t been to a Vegas mega-strip club before, there are some basic guidelines to making sure you have the best time possible. Remember, the dancers are independent contractors who have paid the club for a chance to entertain you for money. Also, there are a lot of places you can go to just to drink. See our Las Vegas strip club guide below:

Bring enough cash. There are a lot of girls to experience and you’re going to be thirsty. You don’t want to run out of cash early because ATMs in the clubs charge $6-7 per transaction. Also, don’t be lame and show up with only $20 or $40 in your pocket.

VIP Room. Lap dances on the main floor are nice, but the real action occurs in the VIP rooms. Dances are better and you get to spend more quality private time with a beautiful topless girl.

Rent a Skybox. Get together even a small group and get one of these private rooms at Sapphire. Pick the hottest girl and she’s yours by the hour. You may even run into a major sports star or celebrity in an adjacent room.

Ask Questions. The rules for what a dancer can do and what you can do with a dancer are specific, but different because Sapphire and Treasures are governed by City of Las Vegas regulations, and Jaguars by Clark County regulations. Ask your dancer and she’ll gladly explain the rules so you get the most out of your time together.

No Solicitation. See above. Prostitution is illegal in Clark County and Las Vegas. Soliciting dancers to come back to your room will get you warned or tossed. Clubs can lose their licenses if they don’t enforce this strictly, and you’ll find they won’t tolerate anything close. Plus, dancers are not escorts – most are students, hair stylists, accountants and the like in the daytime.

Marriage Proposals. Any decent dancer will tell you she gets a marriage proposal or dinner date invitation every night. Good luck if you can make that connection, but keep in mind her job is to make you want her and she does it for dozens of guys all night.

Be a Gentleman (or Lady). Take a shower, throw on some cologne or perfume, make interesting conversation, be respectful and polite, tip generously and promptly, and keep your hands to yourself. Pretty much how you want to be treated.

Buy a Girl a Drink. Hey, you’d buy a pretty girl a drink at a bar or nightclub if she let you…why not here?

Limo Service. Be a big dog and use the club’s limo service to begin and end your VIP experience. Plus, it helps avoid a DUI after you’ve polished off that bottle of Cristal.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself. Let the girls bring the goods to you. You are not allowed to touch the dancers and can get tossed for doing so. And the girls really don’t like it.

Don’t Waste Their Time. If you’re there just to drink, be honest when the girls ask if you want a dance. Time is money for them…let them choose whether they want to just talk.


Best Black Jack For Celebrity Spotting

Palms Casino Resort

Simplicity can be very cool. Take Blackjack, for example. If you can count to 21, and get closer to it than the dealer without going over, you win. Simple. The cool part comes in where you play it. Blackjack is played everywhere in Vegas and many players will tell you they look for hot tables and hot dealers. We prefer cool cats at our tables when we hit or stay on the faces and aces, and the blackjack tables at the Palms Casino Resort are the kitty’s whiskers. “A” list TV and movie actors and actresses, rock-and-rollers, supermodels, first-teamers from the NFL, NBA, and NHL, plus heavyweights from the WBC, PGA and NASCAR are thick in the house at the Palms. Turn your head and you may find yourself face-to-face with Ali Landry, Carmen Elektra, Jessica Alba, Toby Maguire, Dennis Rodman, Terrell Owens, Jay-Z, Pink, or the Dahm triplets. Pick the right location from the 55 tables in the 95,000-square foot casino and you may find yourself sharing the velvet with an MVP, or maybe just providing the entertainment for them. There is something special happening in the hotel almost every week, so your chances are good. Visit Palms Casino Resort, 4321 Flamingo Road. (866) 942-7777 to experience the best black jack for celebrity spotting,

Best Midnight Snack

Eldorado Cantina

Eldorado Cantina features fresh organic non GMO Mexican cuisine restaurant 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  No matter the time you leave the club, if you are hungry for some good quality food that is moderately priced, grab a cab and tell them to take you to Eldorado.  Since it is centrally located and close to the strip, the trip is quick, easy, and well worth it.  With a five star rating on YELP, you should come down and find out exactly why we rate Eldorado Cantina as the best food place in Las Vegas to grab a late night bite.

Don’t Take Your Mom To Zumanity

Given the early Zumanity reviews, the Godfather was not sure what to expect when he checked out Cirque’s newest production at the New York New York in September. Bottom line (no pun intended), Zumanity was actually quite good. Only attend with a close friend, though, as anything goes in this sex filled extravaganza. As always, Cirque Du Soleil has reinvented itself yet again with a unique and innovative production show.

Finding the best seats for Zumanity is most interesting. There is the standard theater seating; however guests can also choose cabaret stools, love seats for two, or duo sofas. You truly can’t get a bad seat due to the size of the venue, however the Godfather recommends a cabaret stool in the front of the balcony, or if you are inclined to be downstairs, at least get a seat in front of the stage. The theater itself is absolutely gorgeous, although it does seem to be at the further point from the parking lot.

Zumanity “explores the senses” and “celebrates diversity”. Ain’t that the truth. The show is hosted by a drag queen that introduces you to her Human Zoo. There’s Alex the human muscle, Allen the acrobatic dwarf, Olga the flying ballet star, Muktar the contortionist, and Jacobo the snake charmer. The “zoo” is accompanied by a supporting cast of “perfect bodies” that complement each scene. I don’t want to ruin the finale for you, however it is safe to say that you should not bring your Mom.

Zumanity features an extraordinary web site ( where you can be a “voyeur” and view video scenes from the stage production. If you go to the “book tickets” section, you can see all the seating options prior to booking.
The Logistics

Now Showing

ZUMANITY -New York New York Hotel & Casino

Tuesday through Saturday
7:30 PM and 10:30 PM

Best Place For Body Shots & Beer Pong

Sapphire Pool and Day Club is the best place for beer pong in Las Vegas.

At Sapphire pool and day club, you will find a special area with customized beer pong tables where you can spend the day bouncing little balls into cups of beer.  In between turns, take a body shot with one of the lovely girls from the world famous Sapphire Pool & Dayc Club Shot Ski!  Book your Las Vegas party package with us and dont forget to ask about our Sapphire Pool packages.

Vegas Hot Shots

Every night Las Vegas plays host to some of the hottest, most influential people in the world. Whether they are world renowned celebrities, models, socialites or local VIPs, Sin City allows them all to party on its adult playground. Our photographers hit the town nightly in order to capture some of the unforgettable nights under the Las Vegas lights. Below you will find some of our favorite shots we have taken over the years.  Be sure to check back soon to see all our new Vegas Hot Spots pictures and videos.

The Bellagio Pool Las Vegas

Just as one might expect from such an upscale hotel, the Bellagio pool is one of the more luxurious pools in Las Vegas. Using a landscape inspired by the romantic lure of the Mediterranean, the Bellagio pool offers the finest in lavish poolside services including spa treatments, poolside massages, appetizing cafe fare and VIP cabanas. The VIP cabanas are unparalleled and include such amenities as HD television, wireless internet, fully stocked fridge, daily newspaper, ihome, fresh fruit, a personal host to cater to your every desire and more. Book your day at the Bellagio pool with VegasHotSpots today and save money and guarantee your party a VIP cabana!

Dates open: Daily
Location: Bellagio

After Last Call

What To Do After Last Call In Vegas.

As the sun sets across the desert, the once familiar landscape takes on a different light. And, as evening becomes after hours in Vegas, the landscape changes once again. During after hours, celebrities rub elbows with lounge singers, exotic dancers, paid escorts and other hoi polloi on the dance floors along the Strip. The clubs might be unique in concept and appearance, but the goal remains the same – extend that good-time feeling for as long as you can. Here are our favorite hot picks for after-hours fun in Sin City.


The long standing afterhours champion for over 10 years and going is Victor Drai’s world famouse Drai’s. Currently housed in Bally’s while it’s old home The Barberry, er Bills Gamblin Hall goes under renovation. Many a night has ended at this Vegas main stay.

Artisan Afterhours

One of the hottest afterhours in the city today is the Artisan Afterhours. This is a who’s who afterhours spot of that Las Vegas service industry. Beats here are pumping well after sunrise. If it’s your birthday month, they give you a nice present of a complimentary bottle. Too tired to go home, then just crash in one of their artist themed rooms.

Rumor Bar & Lounge

Rumor’s afterhours is the newest party on the block. It’s space aged feel will keep you revved and going well into the AM. Just a block off the strip right by The Hard Rock, this after hours venue is close to the beaten path, afterwards grab a room or if it’s take a cab across the street to Rehab.

The Peppermill’s Fireside Lounge

Many afterhours club goers will find them selves hungry AND wanting another drink. The best spot for this is by no doubt the Fireside Lounge in The Peppermill. This spot has been here for a VERY LONG time Our favorites here are the bloody marys and chicken wings. This is by far a place for your 4th meal. (…and 10th drink, but who’s counting?)

Sapphire’s Karaoke Room

Don’t want to go home and feeling like a rock star? Then head over to Sapphire Gentleman’s Club and take part in a little-known karaoke party. This state of the art karaoke room has played host to many a rappers late night party. You never know who’ll you’ll end up jiving with at this spot.