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Read real reviews and testimonials about what our past Vegas Hot Spots guest have to say about our service and their experience with us while in Las Vegas.

We Were Totally Given The VIP Experience…

I honestly cant even begin to describe how much fun we had in Vegas and its all thanks to Brett and the guys with Vegas Hotspots. They truly made our batchelorette party unforgettable, the pole dancing class was great, the instructor was awesome! Sapphires was a great place to let loose not to mention the male review which was pretty incredible. We were totally given the VIP experience and loved every minute of it! There was never a dull moment I only wish we had more time to spend enjoying ourselves and the clubs. Thanks again to Brett, Rich and Severn for making our trip totally amazing!

Sarah McLauchlan
Fort Nelson, BC, Canada

Vegas Hot Spots Is A Must Do…

Booking with Vegas Hotspots is a must do! I worked with Severn to book this package. He was great about customizing our package to exactly what we wanted. Our host, Rich was the best thing that ever happened to us in Vegas! He was dependable, professional, fun, and easy to get a hold of. He kept us in the loop of what was going on and the hot clubs to go to. We had a true VIP experience everywhere we went and had a blast. I need to rest up for a week and then I`m ready to go back with VHS!

Sarah Maxwell
Flat Rock, IL, USA

It Was Non-Stop Vegas Style Fun…

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for taking care of us and creating a beyond successful 21rst birthday experience for my son and the rest of the group!

Here is a picture taken in Coyote Ugly. This was the first stop and where the surprise took place – he was BLOWN away! And it was non-stop Vegas style fun from that moment on thanks you to you and your team! He was WIPED out by Saturday night but couldn`t get enough. He is already planning his return trip with his buddies for new years eve.

Thanks again…

James Arballo
Sunny Valle, California, United States

What An Amazing Night…

Hello from Toronto!

Just wanted to relay to the two of you what an amazing night the six of us had this past weekend. It was by far the highlight of our trip.


The Staff Made Me Feel Very Special…

I wanted to celebrate my birthday in Vegas, but I was doing it alone. I found Las Vegas Host Spots by a google search, and requested package information. I was contacted promply by Will Makin, and he guaranteed he would plan me the perfect birthday weekend. I was not disappointed… Will ensured that even though I was celebrating alone, that I was well taken care of. In fact all of the staff made me feel very special, and really went out of there way to ensure that my weekend was very special. I would certainly use them again, and will recommend Las Vegas Hot Spots to all of my friends.

Sherry Strothers
Las Vegas, NV, USA

Truly Exceeded Expectations…

Thanks to Amanda, Jeremy and Rich for planning and delivering great service throughout my trip!! Truly exceeded expectations!! Coming all the way from Singapore to experience a true Vegas VIP holiday was a dream come true all thanks to Vegas hotspots!!!  If your reading this to determine if you should plan ur trip through Vegas hotspots… Just do it!!!!! I had no regrets and neither will you!! Much love from Singpore and Dubai!!!

Aaron King

The Best Thing I Ever Did…

With my hectic schedule the last thing I have time for is planning our girls` weekend in Las Vegas. I was still a little hesitant though when I decided to let plan our trip for us. That ended up being the best thing I ever did. The trip ended being all I wanted and more! Thanks VegasHotSpots!

Caroline V.
Chicago, IL

Planning a bachelorette party for 9 girls is no easy task but they made the experience enjoyable…

I cannot tell you how amazing our experience was with VHS! I submitted an inquiry and was contacted by Steve shortly after. He really listened to what we were looking for and came back with an unbelievable package. We were not only in touch before we landed in Vegas but while we were there to ensure everything ran smoothly. Planning a bachelorette party for 9 girls is no easy task but they made the experience enjoyable. Rich was our host for the weekend, and I was truly blown away. He met us before our first night out and took us up to the venue. He was so attentive to all of our needs. VHS went ABOVE AND BEYOND to make this the best weekend. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Thank you so much for an unforgettable weekend!!

Kimberly M
New York, NY USA

VHS allowed for me to actually see and enjoy Vegas…

First off let me say that booking through VHS is a must! I called two days before I was to arrive at Vegas for a Bachelorette weekend. I was told from several other places that it would be next to impossible for me to book a package and if I did it would cost me A LOT!!! I kept hearing a lot of excuses about needing to fund their over head and cost for their hosts. I called Jeremy and right off he gave me the most reasonable price and explained my package. The night came for us to go out and it was great. We were Vegas Virgins and knew nothing about the place. Our first day there when I texted Jeremy questions about where to go eat or what to do he was great at helping out. Our host for the night was Rich and again he was phenomenal. He made sure we were comfortable. Our trip went great due to the effort Rich gave to make sure we were happy. I plan on coming back as soon as I can just because of their service. VHS allowed for me to actually see and enjoy Vegas!!!

Candy Williams
Philadelphia, PA

VHS made everything so EASY…

I had been contacting a lot of companies trying to arrange the perfect night out for my boyfriend`s birthday and his first trip to Vegas. VHS made everything so EASY. I have to admit I was nervous about everything coming all together but when the limo arrived at our hotel I was relieved and able to have an amazing time. The limo driver was exceptionally nice, we were able to walk right up to all our destinations and skip the lines (PURE & LAX), and our host stayed in constant contact with us the whole time. I visit Vegas at least once a year and will definitely by using VHS every time.

Porche Blanks
Missouri City, Texas, United States

I work in costumer service…I give VHS ***** 5 STARS…

This was by far one of the best vacations I have had in a while and I have to say that it is mostly due to the amazing costumer service of VHS. Vegas can be a bit intimidaMting with all the options and it can also be really expensive to have a true `Vegas experience` .. Tyler made sure that I had exactly what I wanted in my itinerary and that it fit perfectly in my budget.. Brett and Jeremy were always around to help me with any questions or concerns that I had and Rich, who was our personal host was incredible.. ALL of my needs were met! My cousin and I had a wonderful time! ANYTIME I come to Vegas I will use VHS.. I trust them, I respect them and I appreciate everything!! Mostly I was impressed with the hosts themselves.. their knowledge of the area, personalities and professionalism..I work in costumer service and I may have some high expectations- – I give VHS ***** 5 STARS! So thank you Vegas Hot spots for creating my dream vacation and letting me(average joe) feel like a `rock Star` for few days! See You Soon!!

Dawnielle Davis
San Diego, CA, USA

It doesn`t get any better than that…

Wow! It doesn`t get any better than that! Everyone had an amazing time Friday night!
I can`t thank you enough for putting that night together for us, everything went really well and your hosts took real good care of us. The party bus was a really good time to get the night started off. PURE was something that most of us had never experienced before. It was especially fun when they opened up the roof and we were able to head up there. Sapphire was something that I never thought even existed! We didn`t wait for anything while we were there. The women, the table, the booze, everything was awesome! It was definitely something that you don`t experience back here in Indiana.
Anyway, it was the best bachelor party that any of us had ever been on. Now, we just have to try and out-do ourselves for the next one. I`ll definitely be refering you to anyone else that I know that goes out to Vegas for a good time. Thank you.

Brent Mckee

I Wouldn’t Skip Out On The Bottle Service…

Did exceed my expectations? Yes, me and my three brothers where heading to Vegas for a bachelor party. This was my second time in the city and their first, so needless to say we weren`t to familiar with the land. That`s why I contacted VHS. I talked to Rich over the phone and drafted a basic plan for our trip. When we arrived we went straight for the pool and spent all day there. When the time came to go out we where met by a stretch cadilac in front of our hotel that transported us to the Wynn hotel where we had reservations for a table at the Tryst nightclub. Once we arrived Rich met us out front of the club and walked us right passed the long line to get in. When we stepped into the club it was like being transported across the world. The roof was high and painted a dark blue to give it the impression of a night sky. In the center of the room was a large pool being fed by a cascading waterfall that appeared to rise through the ceiling. Throughout the club there where booths and tables all with outdoor accents to give the impressions of sitting out doors. When we entered Rich lead us straight through the club to our table (right next to the water) where beautiful women arrived with both a bottle of Grey Goose vodka and a bottle of Vueve champaign. They then poured our drinks and left us to our livations. Unfortunantly after that I started pouring my own drinks and it gets pretty fuzzy after that, but I can tell you the club was both beautiful and packed with gorgeous women. As a SIDE NOTE I WOULDN`T SKIP OUT ON THE BOTTLE SERVICE it is way to cool to be chilling at your table with a bottle pouring drinks for girls. Now if your planing a bachelor party or just want to hit a strip club you HAVE to go to SAPPHIRE. We went out to Sapphire on our third and final night. Rich got us in for free, arranged our limo service and got our first round of drinks comped. When we got there I decided to get a bottle again, and we where lead to our table. Now before I describe the club I would like to say that even though I loved the Tryst nightclub and how amazing it was I wish we had made Sapphire the main event. It was insane we had a table near the wall but could easily see the stage, not that we cared or where paying any attention to it at all. Behind the stage was a large television playing nonstop music videos, and just for clarification look at the largest wall in your house, this TV was bigger (and the thing was HD we could see it clear as day). This all pales in comparison to the women. All you did was sit there and girls would just continue to appear next to you (and on you). I don`t know if you like variety as much as I do, but these girls came from everywhere. Just of the top of my head I got dances from girls from the Dominican Rebublic, Cezch Rebublic, california and South Korea. Those are just the ones I remember from before my drinks started to get the best of me. So if and when I go back to Vegas I will definitely go through VHS and Sapphire will be my first stop, but I think as far as nightclubs go, after seeing Tryst I have to know what the XS at the Encore is like.

Daniel Kulczyk
Shelton, WA, United States

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