21st Birthday Party Packages

Turning 21 pays big in Las Vegas, whether you’re playing cards or celebrating birthdays. Don’t hedge your bet, celebrate your entrance into the world of legalized drinking and club-going with a trip to Sin City. Vegas Hot Spots knows exactly the right spot in town for you and your crew. We know how to get you there in style, how to get into the club hassle-free, and how to make sure you are treated with all the respect and reverence that a 21 year-old ‘adult’ deserves.

Not 21 yet, turning 21 at midnight, we can set up a whole night and/or weekend that can build up to you going out to the nightclub of your choice in Vegas for the very first time. There are plenty of things to do in this city even if you’re not 21 just yet! Reserve one of our Las Vegas birthday party packages today or click here to create your own package now.

You only turn 21 once. Let’s celebrate it in style with this Las Vegas strip club birthday party package.

Our most popular package. The hottest 21st birthday party package includes everything you need to celebrate right! You want this night to be special and we guarantee you will love the experience.

Got you birthday boy or girl? Check! Going to Vegas? Check! Party with strippers? Check! Open bar? Going to a stripclub for your 21st birthday party is great fun, but adding open bar to the experience? Oh hell yea! Sign me up!

This Las Vegas birthday party package is easy and affordable. Get to the club in style and quickly move past the lines and into an atmosphere full of ladies, liquor and energy… Book this package make planning your 21st birthday party in Las Vegas a piece of cake.

Create your very own unique birthday party experience in Las Vegas with one of our professional concierge/hosts. Let us take the gamble out of your vacation. We will design the perfect party package itinerary within the budget you want. Our trained VIP hosts are waiting to assist you.