Party Packages

Birthday Party Packages

This is it- the one day of the year that is all about YOU. Don’t blow it sitting around your hometown at some goofy bar. Get the gang together and make some magic with our Las Vegas birthday packages.

Bachelor Party Packages

It’s your bachelor party, your friends or even your brother, uncle, or cousin’s bachelor party and you want this VIP party to go down in history as the best weekend of your lives! What are you going to do? Go to Las Vegas of course!

Bachelorette Party Packages

Hey ladies! Vegas wouldn’t be Vegas without you and your bachelorette party rolling through town in true VIP style. We’re here to make sure you do exactly that.

Nightclub Packages

Get the most out of your nightclub experience. Avoid the long night club lines and have the best view in the house to see the DJ and dance floor.

Pool Party Packages

The summers are hot in Vegas. Stay cool by the pool with one of our dayclub/pool party packages.

Party Bus Crawl Packages

Why commit to one spot on your night in Vegas when you can sample a variety of nightlife options in style? At Vegas Hot Spots we’ll set you up with one of our Las Vegas VIP party tours that will enable you to visit multiple clubs in one night conveniently and affordably.

Men’s Show Packages

In Vegas we are all about giving people what they want. The ladies don’t have to let the boys have all the fun! Vegas has a special treat just for the ladies with it’s variety of world famous men’s shows.

Romantic Party Packages

Las Vegas can be one romantic place. With fairy tale like settings and oozing sex appeal, let’s put some fire into that relationship.

Engagement Party Packages

Propose In Las Vegas! There’s a reason Las Vegas is the marriage capital of the world… the state of Nevada makes it easy for couples to tie the knot, with minimal waiting periods and red tape. (Some call it getting married without a hitch.)

Divorce Party Packages

Welcome to the “marriage capital of the world.!” What’s that? You’re not here to tie the knot? Ah, so you’re here to do some untying. Or maybe just tying one on? Boy, did you come to the right place.

Free Party Packages

Partying on a tight budget? No worries. We got you. Check out our free and easy VIP party packages.

Kid Free Party Packages

Adults Only, Leave The Kids At Home! Las Vegas has been known as many things over the years. It’s even been known as a “family destination”, but let’s be honest. You don’t want to bring the kids.

Experience Packages

Las Vegas has so much more to offer than games, drinks and clubs. Experience adventures beyond the typical.

Spa Getaway Packages

What was once a small after-sight in a dark corner next to the pool has become “the place” in resorts around the world. And in Vegas, baby, it’s no exception. Here, the Spa’s are as over the top as the beaded costumes in the revue.

Custom Party Package

You have vision. You know what you want your Vegas trip to look like. Create your own customized itinerary here.