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Hot Head Happy Hour

If you missed the show, don't worry, you can listen to it here by clicking on one of the past shows.

Don't forget, put our Hot Heads to the test and find out what's hot in Las Vegas this week. They have all kinds of great tips for having a great time in Las Vegas. That's what they do and this is your chance to find out what they know.

They don't call them Hot Heads for nothing.

Friday th 13th

Another Friday the 13th

Some people think that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day but when it comes to planning your Vegas vacation, the only thing you should leave to luck is the roll of the dice or the cut of the deck. The best way to make sure you get exactly what you want out of your Vegas vacation is not to hope that Lady Luck smiles on you, although that's nice if she does, but to let plan it. We don't leave anything to luck when it comes to making sure your vacation is the best it can be. Don't waste any time and make this Friday the 13th a great day by having one of our VIP hosts start planning your custom Vegas vacation.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Jeremy arranged the most amazing 21st birthday for my daughter and 10 friends - super stretch limos everywhere, fun tour of the city and downtown, VIP entry and tables to the hottest clubs, and his personal attention to make sure everything worked perfectly. The guests were thrilled with the venues and the attention to detail - everything went great. Jeremy was very patient with all my questions and gave good advice to keep everything within a reasonable budget - he never pushed for the highest price, but helped negotiate great deals and keep it affordable and fun. I highly recommend Vegas HotSpots and especially the incomparable Jeremy!!!

Debra R.
Alameda, CA, USA

You Be the Judge and Win A Table and Bottle

Don't forget that you too can be the judge. We want to know what you think of Las Vegas and you can have your chance by going to our Rate It page to select a venue and tell us what you think, good or bad. Just select the venue(s) and select from one flame (Spark) to five flames (Inferno) for each of our criteria. You can also write as much or as little as you want regarding your experience. This is your chance to not only tell us what you think but for the owners of the venues as well. Each week we will award a table and bottle at one of the many fine nightclubs here in Las Vegas. All you have to do to qualify is submit your review.

You be the judge by clicking on any of the buttons located throughout

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