Don’t Take Your Mom To Zumanity

Given the early Zumanity reviews, the Godfather was not sure what to expect when he checked out Cirque’s newest production at the New York New York in September. Bottom line (no pun intended), Zumanity was actually quite good. Only attend with a close friend, though, as anything goes in this sex filled extravaganza. As always, Cirque Du Soleil has reinvented itself yet again with a unique and innovative production show.

Finding the best seats for Zumanity is most interesting. There is the standard theater seating; however guests can also choose cabaret stools, love seats for two, or duo sofas. You truly can’t get a bad seat due to the size of the venue, however the Godfather recommends a cabaret stool in the front of the balcony, or if you are inclined to be downstairs, at least get a seat in front of the stage. The theater itself is absolutely gorgeous, although it does seem to be at the further point from the parking lot.

Zumanity “explores the senses” and “celebrates diversity”. Ain’t that the truth. The show is hosted by a drag queen that introduces you to her Human Zoo. There’s Alex the human muscle, Allen the acrobatic dwarf, Olga the flying ballet star, Muktar the contortionist, and Jacobo the snake charmer. The “zoo” is accompanied by a supporting cast of “perfect bodies” that complement each scene. I don’t want to ruin the finale for you, however it is safe to say that you should not bring your Mom.

Zumanity features an extraordinary web site ( where you can be a “voyeur” and view video scenes from the stage production. If you go to the “book tickets” section, you can see all the seating options prior to booking.
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