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Tales From the Strip

Work hard, play hard. A motto to live by in the world's largest adult theme park. When we send our feet out onto the street they come back with some very interesting stories about playing in Las Vegas. Over 35,000,000 people a year come here to let it all hang out. Here are some of their stories...

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About It... Las Vegas Still Has Gambling!

With the explosion of high rise condo projects, the opening of a new swanky restaurant every week, and the expansion of retail malls in many casinos, it's easy to forget the core industry of Las Vegas. News flash: Las Vegas has casinos. And, while we're at it, the Antarctica has ice, the Pacific Ocean has water, and baseball has steroids. [more]

Halloween 2015 in LAS VEGAS

A lot of people aren't making it to work on Monday, Nov. 1 so why should you? Why? Because Halloween falls on a Sunday this year and if you don't wake up hungover in Vegas dressed in latex, horns and a red cape with someone you don't know, well you're just not living! [more]

Leap Into Wedded Bliss VEGAS STYLE

Every four years the number of marriage license applications and weddings in Las Vegas takes a big leap, especially in February.

Is it because there are 80 or so wedding chapels, many of which are open 24 hours? Is it because you can get a wedding license anytime day or night, any day of the week? [more]

Che Mojito!

It seems that every time temperatures rise in the desert, some plaid-trousered rube can't help but sing the praises of "dry heat." Generally speaking, 108 degrees is hot - dry, wet or otherwise. Thankfully in Vegas, high temperatures last only as long as you want... [more]

Learn How to Make the Most of Your Outing

If you haven't been to a Vegas mega-strip club before, there are some basic guidelines to making sure you have the best time possible. Remember, the dancers are independent contractors who have paid the club for a chance to entertain you for money ... [more]

Sin is Back

The elaborate pirate battle on the Strip had been the most visible icon of a short-lived effort by the world's top gaming and entertainment destination to remake itself into "Disneyland in the Desert"... [more]

The Ultra Lounge

What's an ultra lounge, you ask? Start with the best elements of a private club, bar, nightclub, strip club and LA celebrity hangout, then add a healthy dash of mind-bending technology... [more]

Ultimate Fighting Championship

Sometimes we like it a little rough. We imagine two finely tuned bodies straining against each other, testosterone filling the air, both participants going at it until they are exhausted, finally collapsing in a sweaty heap... [more]

Mobbed in Vegas

With capital borrowed from the Teamster Union Pension Fund, the American Mafia built many of the first hotels and casinos on "The Strip"... [more]

Coolest Pools in Las Vegas!

Vegas in the summer might be like a pot roast in the oven but during spring and fall (and even winter depending on where you're visiting from), Vegas is an oasis in the desert... [more]

Girls Just Want to Have Buns!!!

It's a common scene in Vegas: bare-chested dancers wrapped around poles, moving to last year's hip-hop hits; a throng of patrons impatient to tuck dollar bills into the performer's G-strings; overpriced drinks filling small tables as members of the crowd search the stage for their favorite... [more]

The good, bad and the ugly.

Ahh, the bachelor party. That last frontier of freedom for the groom-to-be, chock full of hormones, heaving and hangovers. Vegas has a history with these affairs, and though stag films and women popping out of cakes are passť, today's best men still know that... [more]

Girls will be girls.

It had been the week from hell. Oh hell, it had been the month from hell. I needed a break from work, my apartment, my boyfriend, my cat, my life. If I didn't get away, someone was going to die. And, I really didn't care who - my boss, my boyfriend... [more]

America's Secret Shopping Hot Spot

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Fifth Avenue in New York. Michigan Avenue in Chicago. When you think of world-class shopping, these are the places that usually come to mind. The Vegas Strip? Maybe not five or ten years ago, but today... absolutely! [more]

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