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Hall of Fame

Vegas: Behind-the-Scenes

Prehistoric Southern Nevada was originally a marshland. Then somebody invented booze, and before you could say switcherooni, Vegas was born. The whole Sin City saga unfolds here, right before your eyes. We'll tell you who built this town, who built careers in this town, and where Frank, Elvis and other famous cats played their first Vegas gigs.

Las Vegas - Hall of Fame

We'll also give you fascinating backgrounds on pioneers like Benjamin 'Bugsy' Seigal, who ran the Flamingo Hotel 'til he got an unexpected visit from the ugly end of a shotgun. Click on the Photo Gallery for an eyeful of famous and infamous faces, or mouse over to Vegas Top 10's, our list of songs, singers, gangsters, and curmugeons that are forever part of the Vegas fabric.

So start clickin' baby. Get a rare behind-the-scenes look at the people behind the Vegas legend while you, ya know, sit on your behind.

Who Built Vegas

Only true visionaries could create an oasis like Vegas. Here's where you'll meet the masterminds who looked at a desolate patch of sand in the middle of nowhere and saw the future of fun... [more]

Vegas Timeline

See the life of Vegas flash before your eyes. It's a riveting chronological blow-by-blow of what happened, how it happened, and who it happened to. To scroll the saga of Sin City,... [more]

Vegas Photo Gallery

Vegas kitsch doesn't just happen. It takes hours of meticulous creative artistry. So we've put together very cool collections of photos to show you that even a poker chip can be a work of art... [more]


Fab Facts

Cool cats and kittens, you're just one click away from "the place" for Vegas trivia. There's everything from "who built the first casino" to the history of "Vegas Vic." [more]

Las Vegas - Top Ten

Vegas Top 10's

From "Most Wanted" to "My Way," Vegas has sure packed a lot into just a few years. Some of America's most famous and infamous have visited, seen and conquered Sin City. There may be cities with more history, but it's hard to imagine a place with more color... [more]

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