Trendiest Uni-Sex Bathrooms

China Grill in Mandalay Bay

hotel_chinagrill_photoWhat are the two most commonly-performed activities in a restaurant after dining and drinking? Peeing and primping. All that vodka has to go somewhere, and the part that doesn’t go to your head seeks an outlet. In some bathrooms, all you want to do is your business and get out. Not at China Grill at Mandalay Bay.You’ll find yourself taking just a little longer in these free-standing tricked-out WCs. Located out by the entrance, you have to part chains of metal beadsto enter a courtyard of about a dozen 12-foot tall free-standing stalls glowing from the lights behind there translucent walls.You can tell when someone is inside, but you can’t see who or what they’re doing. Once inside, the look is sleek and stylish with big well-lit mirrors and small flat screen TVs next to the commode usually showing ESPN or a music video.You can drop by anytime and ask the person at the front desk if you can check them out. China Grill at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, 877.632.7800.

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