Top 10 Places to Beat the Heat in Las Vegas

It’s official. The summer of 2012 is the hottest summer ever in the USA! Scientists say July 2012 was the hottest month ever recorded in the lower 48 states, breaking a record set during the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s. In fact, the price of corn is at an all-time high. The unemployment rate is skyrocketing. The stock market, the Federal Reserve, the…the…the…!

Feeling the heat now! That’s the best thing about Vegas; the heat here beats the heat there.  So, if you’re in Vegas or planning on coming soon, Vegas Hot Spots has put together a list of the 10 best places in Las Vegas to “Beat the Heat”! These are the best places to stay cool in Las Vegas.


brenden10. Brenden Theaters

Yes, even in Vegas it’s ‘OK’ to catch a flick. Especially if you want to take advantage of the Brenden Theaters IMAX experience at the Palms to dodge the merciless sun’s rays. Don’t waste your money on those “movies” in your hotel room, hit the casino for a while and then check out your favorite summer blockbuster.

Nothing like a good ‘ol Matinee in Vegas to “Beat the Heat”. It’s not like you would rather be hanging out at a hot, sweaty pool, waiting for a cocktail waitress and towel. Would ya?


fashion9. Fashion Show Mall

Fashion Show Mall is the largest mall you will find on the Strip, located across the street from the Wynn Hotel. That should give you plenty of time to recover from the desert sun.

In true Las Vegas style, this mall offers a multitude of high end multi-media entertainment. On the Strip side of the mall, there are several enormous video screens covered by what appears to be an “alien ship” of some sort. This offers a great resource of shade for those visiting the outdoor portion of the mall.

On the inside, it’s as high tech the rest of Vegas. There is a fashion runway that literally elevates out of the floor 2 or 3 times a day and has beautiful models gracefully gliding along wearing the latest in fashions. Also, you’ll find flagship department stores such as Dillard’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Saks Fifth Ave.

The dining is great here as well, with restaurants such as Maggiano’s, Capital Grill and for great pizza, Grimaldi’s always hits the spot. Don’t forget this mall has an Apple Store. How cool is that?


minus58. Minus 5 Ice Bar

This is a no-brainer! Picture this. It’s blazing hot outside, the air is dry, the wind is non-existent and you’re about to breath fire from last night! Why not get a cure with some “burr”. Yep, I’m talking about chillin’ out in a decked out ice bar? Actually you’ll be doing more than “chillin” considering it is kept below frozen temperatures, does 14 degrees down to negative 5 sound nICE. It is!

This place is decorated with ice sculptures, ice glasses, ice benches, ice tables and even an ice bar! Everything inside is frozen. The only thing not frozen is that earlier frown that has been turned upside down! Packages include drinks, fur coats, fur hats, fur boots and gloves. Minus 5 is located between Luxur Hotel and the Mandalay Bay in the Mandalay Place shopping corridor or at the Monte Carlo Hotel on the Strip. It’s about that time to “Frost Out” and get the ice in your veins needed to make it to sunset. Click here for bottle service.


vegas-pools-drais7. Drai’s Beachclub



vegas-pools-wetRepublic6. Wet Republic Pool

This is a tricky one because just about everything here is as “Hot” as it can get. You won’t feel the heat though, if you can keep your sandals on that is, but I promise you’ll see it. Wet Republic, located at the MGM Grand, has made a name for itself year after year as one of the hottest spots in the Vegas day club scene because of the beautiful and finely sculpted hot bodies lounging in the cool shade of the deluxe Bungalow’s found in the exclusive VIP area.

The minimums are high but the end reward is the coolest pool party experience in town.  Wet Republic always has the top notch DJ’s and also every Friday, the “Hot 100” competition is in full swing. Make sure you don’t miss the grand finale of this contest; it’s this Friday, Aug. 10th! You’re only hope to beat the heat here is to get in the pool, grab a cold drink and think happy thoughts of cool breezes and tight squeezes!



dome5. Adventure Dome

One drawback of the summer vacation to the amusement park has always been the sweltering heat. Not here! Located at the Circus Circus Resort, the Adventure Dome is a 5-Acre indoor Adventure/Amusement Park for adults and children.

There are rides and attractions of varying degrees of thrill but one thing you won’t have to be concerned with is the 115 degree heat outside this air conditioned safe haven called the Adventure Dome.

If you’re brave and overheated, catch an extra breeze on the only indoor double-loop, double-corkscrew roller coaster, called The Canyon Blaster! Other attractions include bumper cars, midway games, video arcade, rock climbing, FX movies, and clown shows. Super Cool!

Click here to have one of our VIP hosts purchases your tickets for you.


pole4. Pole Position Raceway

Test your skills behind the wheel of the fastest indoor carts in North America! Compare your times with previous visits by top NASCAR drivers. Fast, safe and fun for groups of all ages. PPR has become one of the most-respected brands of electric indoor go-kart tracks in North America.

In fact, Pole Position Raceway in Las Vegas has been called America’s Best Indoor Go Kart track by industry experts and world-class racers. The Pole Position Raceway brand of indoor go kart tracks offers a truly amazing entertainment experience that can be enjoyed by families and serious racers. There’s nothing like being in Vegas with the cool wind blowing through your hair at speeds that can reach up to 50 mph! Now that’s cool!

Click here for reservations and group discounts.


encore3. Encore Spa

Take cool down to its fullest and make an appointment at the Encore Spa. It is a Forbes Five Star award-winning spa, featuring 60,000-square-feet of luxurious designer treatment rooms, garden villas and couples’ rooms.

A day pass can be had for $40 or you can check in for your first class treatment with a Signature services like the Encore Escape, which combines the world’s best massage techniques to relax your mind and body.

There are plenty of areas to relax before and after your spa treatment to duck the heat a bit longer. The wet spa area features hot and cold plunge pools in a sophisticated but elegant atmosphere. Perfect for rinsing off after your dip, this area offers private waterfall showers, saunas, steam rooms and spas as well.

Click here for a VIP host to set you up.


fatbar2. Fat Burger Bar

How about a nice, cold, refreshing drink and a big, juicy burger on the Las Vegas Strip on a 115 degree day? It only sounds cool if you’re at the newest “Fat Bar” adjoined to the newly redecorated “Fat Burger” just North of the MGM Grand.

The Fat Bar is a passerby’s favorite. There is a great outdoor vibe, tons of extremely cool water misters and also a huge sunshield that blocks out the sun and gets you into some shade. If you’re still too hot, take it inside to the revamped cozy couches and nice, cold air conditioning of the Fat Burger restaurant.

Try my personal favorite cocktail while you’re there, an extra-large strawberry and blue raspberry mixed icee prepared in a great souvenir mug. This is definitely one of the quickest and most delicious ways to cool it down and take a load off on the strip. Beware of the dreaded “Brain Freeze”!

Click here for the VIP treatment and 2 for 1 drinks!


vegas-pools-sapphire1. Sapphire Pool & Dayclub


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