Sin Is Back!

fs_sinback_img_2The elaborate pirate battle on the Strip had been the most visible icon of a short-lived effort by the world’s top gaming and entertainment destination to remake itself into “Disneyland in the Desert.” No more. Sin is back in Vegas with a vengeance, and we couldn’t be happier! The new Hedonism comes in many flavors and visitors can be as naughty as they want. (photo above from Sirens of TI launch party)

All New Temptations

Lounging in Lingerie. A new crop of ultra lounges and nightclubs including Tabú, Risque, OPM, and Bikini’s have sprouted in recent months and none of them appear to have even considered dressing their servers and dancers in anything more than lingerie and/or bikinis. The presence of so many scantily clad staff has encouraged many of the customers to get their party on in barely-there attire as well. Many a hottie can be glimpsed in painted on hip huggers and skin tight tops often dancing with each other in a circus of eye candy that would make Hugh Hefner blush.

Topless Cabaret.

fs_sinback_article_img_1Ready to go a little farther? There are more than a dozen well designed and expertly produced topless cabaret shows to choose from, and you don’t even have to leave your hotel to see many of them. In what is being speculated as a move to test gaming regulator’s appetite for allowing strip clubs in casinos, several major hotels offer topless shows: “La Femme” at MGM Grand, “Showgirls of Magic” at San Remo, “X: An Erotic Adventure” at Aladdin, “Skintight” at Harrah’s, “Midnight Fantasy” at Luxor, “Showgirls” at Rio, and, “Crazy Girls” at Riviera to name a few. Even the new Cirque du Soleil show “Zumanity” coming to New York-New York will be topless.

A note to the guys, these are shows you can attend with your ladies or your posse. Without question, they are erotic and sensual. Most feature playmates in lingerie or less, writhing on beds or each other, caressing and kissing. But because they have been choreographed and produced by Broadway and Hollywood professionals, the performances are neither lewd nor uncomfortable. Choose an aisle seat because several of the shows include audience interaction (we’re not telling…we want to leave some things to your imagination). Comedians weave in sets to help keep the heat just below the boiling point.

The Pool Scene.

Indoor topless is good…outdoor topless is better. If you’ve been to a beach in Europe or Australia, you know the pleasure of topless sunbathing. Venus pool at Caesar’s Palace is the only major hotel in Vegas where topless bathing is allowed, but the Hard Rock Hotel and Mandalay Bay Resort are rumored to be planning to add topless areas to their pools.

Strip Clubs.

Las Vegas is taking Strip Clubs to a whole new level, literally, with new multi-million dollar, multi-level emporiums of gentlemen entertainers. Las Vegas is officially the home to the largest strip clubs in the world. Try Sapphire at 71,000 square feet with 6,000 girls on staff and a $25 million price tag to build. With 13 skyboxes, it’s virtually a skin arena. The same family owns it that is responsible for Olympic Gardens, a favorite of tourists and locals alike. A majestic second is Jaguars at 25,000 square feet and two levels. Built to resemble a palace from the outside, it was the largest in Vegas for several months until being eclipsed by Sapphire. It is the latest from the owners of the legendary Cheetahs, which has earned the “Best Lap Dance” designation. The next mega-strip club to open is Treasures, slated for Fall 2003.

Here are some important tips to ensure a very satisfying night when you’ve decided to invest your hard-earned paycheck at Vegas’ finest flesh-and-frolic emporiums. First, get your buzz on before you arrive. Second, you could go anywhere to drink so you must be there for the girls. Don’t be cheap and do be a gentleman. Most girls are willing to show you extra attention if you smell good, treat them nice and are willing to let go of the Jacksons and Benjamins. And last, make sure you know the rules. Local ordinances vary regarding what the girls can and cannot do…keep your hands to yourself and ask them to show you the way.

Closing the Deal.

fs_sinback_article_img_2Unless you brought your sinfully significant other, you’re likely to be looking to hook up. If you’re good, casting a line to a hottie at one of the ultra lounges or nightclubs might get you company for breakfast. But not all of us have the skills, looks, or the desire to play the game. For a guaranteed good time, there are three options. The first is a legal brothel, but you have to be willing to drive an hour or more because prostitution is illegal in Clark County, where Las Vegas resides. Sex is for sale legally in Pahrump and Tonapah just over the border in neighboring Nye County.

The second involves social clubs where consenting adults can at least find a gathering of like-minded voyeurs. The Green Door, Hide-n-Seek, Fantasy Social Club, and Red Rooster vary in hours and format, and its best to call ahead.

The last option is the yellow pages section of the phone book –there are exactly 100 pages under the heading “Entertainers.” Hiring someone to dance in your room or accompany you to dinner and a club is legal. If you like each other and share more than conversation, that might be legal too, but if money changes hands, then re-read above for the first option.

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