Race Go Carts Against Nascar, X-Games Stars

Pole Position Raceway Indoor Carting


vegas-go-cart-partyWhen you feel the need for speed, join stars like NASCAR champ Kurt Busch, X Games medalists Travis Pastrana and Mike Metzger, and SuperCross winners like Jeremy McGrath and Chad Reed at Pole Position Raceway, an indoor kart racing facility originally created in 2005 in Corona, California. Racing is all about speed, acceleration and handling and the Formula EK20 adult karts at Pole Position zip along at 40+mph which feels pretty quick when your butt is 3 inches off the ground. Beginner or veteran, Pole Position utilizes its RPM method of ranking you against every driver on the indoor European-style road course. Starting at only $20 per race, you may find yourself addicted after your first tour around the circuit at this indoor kart racing facility in Las Vegas.

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