Most Out of This World Bar

SpaceQuest Bar

Las Vegas Hilton Hotel

spacequest-barIt’s a little hard to say this is a new hot spot because it is a similar concept in the space previously occupied by Quark’s Bar (see below) when Star Trek: The Experience restaurant and exhibition resided at the Hilton.  The food is gone and so is the Star Trek name, but the 24th century setting remains so, for science fiction aficionados, the SpaceQuest Bar is Las Vegas’ only real out-of-this-world experience. Enjoy the latest and best video poker while sipping on your favorite cocktail along the sleek, elevated bar. Giant space screens feature contemporary videos and today’s hottest music, overlooking the 20,000 square foot SpaceQuest Casino.

Quark’s Bar

Quark’s Bar in the Las Vegas Hilton

bl_quarks_photoSome people like their martini with an olive. Some prefer onions. Others like it a foot tall, blue and loaded with creatine. For the space cowboy inside of you, Quark’s Bar, part of Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton, is the hyper speed cocktail experience you seek. You may drink alone, or you may have a Klingon or two joining you. Either way, the clean, metallic decoration and tall, multi-colored drinks impart a 24th century vibe of well being in one of Vegas’ older hotels. Try the Bolian Sunset, made with Fris Vodka, Blue Curacao and Goldschlager, for a blue cocktail with shimmering glints of gold or the Salutini with jalapeño pepper-infused Fris Vodka and a splash of sake. The foot-high mounds of onion rings are pretty good too, if a little too down to earth for the galactic setting. Quark’s Bar in the Las Vegas Hilton

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