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Helpful Tips & Tricks For Vegas Stripclubs

If you haven’t been to a Vegas mega-strip club before, there are some basic guidelines to making sure you have the best time possible. Remember, the dancers are independent contractors who have paid the club for a chance to entertain you for money. Also, there are a lot of places you can go to just to drink. See our Las Vegas strip club guide below:

Bring enough cash. There are a lot of girls to experience and you’re going to be thirsty. You don’t want to run out of cash early because ATMs in the clubs charge $6-7 per transaction. Also, don’t be lame and show up with only $20 or $40 in your pocket.

VIP Room. Lap dances on the main floor are nice, but the real action occurs in the VIP rooms. Dances are better and you get to spend more quality private time with a beautiful topless girl.

Rent a Skybox. Get together even a small group and get one of these private rooms at Sapphire. Pick the hottest girl and she’s yours by the hour. You may even run into a major sports star or celebrity in an adjacent room.

Ask Questions. The rules for what a dancer can do and what you can do with a dancer are specific, but different because Sapphire and Treasures are governed by City of Las Vegas regulations, and Jaguars by Clark County regulations. Ask your dancer and she’ll gladly explain the rules so you get the most out of your time together.

No Solicitation. See above. Prostitution is illegal in Clark County and Las Vegas. Soliciting dancers to come back to your room will get you warned or tossed. Clubs can lose their licenses if they don’t enforce this strictly, and you’ll find they won’t tolerate anything close. Plus, dancers are not escorts – most are students, hair stylists, accountants and the like in the daytime.

Marriage Proposals. Any decent dancer will tell you she gets a marriage proposal or dinner date invitation every night. Good luck if you can make that connection, but keep in mind her job is to make you want her and she does it for dozens of guys all night.

Be a Gentleman (or Lady). Take a shower, throw on some cologne or perfume, make interesting conversation, be respectful and polite, tip generously and promptly, and keep your hands to yourself. Pretty much how you want to be treated.

Buy a Girl a Drink. Hey, you’d buy a pretty girl a drink at a bar or nightclub if she let you…why not here?

Limo Service. Be a big dog and use the club’s limo service to begin and end your VIP experience. Plus, it helps avoid a DUI after you’ve polished off that bottle of Cristal.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself. Let the girls bring the goods to you. You are not allowed to touch the dancers and can get tossed for doing so. And the girls really don’t like it.

Don’t Waste Their Time. If you’re there just to drink, be honest when the girls ask if you want a dance. Time is money for them…let them choose whether they want to just talk.


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