Best All Nude Club With Alchohol

Palamino Club

ent_palomino_photoThere is only one place in Las Vegas that simultaneously puts nude bodies on stage and alcohol in your glass. That’s the venerable Palomino Club in North Las Vegas. The north-south dividing line in the city means different courts, different police units and a different set of rules when it comes to drinking and clubbing. The Palomino is a Vegas holdout from the rough and tumble 60s when the town was just beginning to get its teeth. Don’t look for any pampering here. The women are hard, the patrons are tough and the bouncers take no nonsense. Lap dances run three songs for $100, and a bald, hairy-chested cashier stands ready to take the notes. The drinks they serve have a little punch. Not like you’ll need it. All that red vinyl seating lining the walls gets pretty warm when things get going in this all-night, all-nude clip joint.

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