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Check out below to read about some of the hottest bars and lounges in town! Find out which one will fit what you are looking for when you want to be out on the town but not in a nightclub. Vegas Hot Spots knows what Vegas is all about. Knowing WHAT and WHO to know. That’s where our expertise lies. It’s the planning and details that make a trip worth remembering. That’s where we come into play. Our team is so keyed into to the Vegas scene that we can find out exactly the mood you’re in and bring you to the right spot for you. If you need transportation, hosted entry, to bypass the line, limo service, bottle service, or need to know where to go click here to give us your details and we can help you out.

Don’t make a mistake and come to Vegas without a plan of attack. The best things come for those who prepare, in this case, if you wait it may be too late. Click Here to correspond with a VHS Host that can take your itinerary to the next level. Our team doesn’t waste any time, we will get right back to you immediately! Our customers never wait in any lines and your trip is guaranteed to be hassle free.

Top Vegas Hot Spots for 2015

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