After Last Call

What To Do After Last Call In Vegas.

As the sun sets across the desert, the once familiar landscape takes on a different light. And, as evening becomes after hours in Vegas, the landscape changes once again. During after hours, celebrities rub elbows with lounge singers, exotic dancers, paid escorts and other hoi polloi on the dance floors along the Strip. The clubs might be unique in concept and appearance, but the goal remains the same – extend that good-time feeling for as long as you can. Here are our favorite hot picks for after-hours fun in Sin City.


The long standing afterhours champion for over 10 years and going is Victor Drai’s world famouse Drai’s. Currently housed in Bally’s while it’s old home The Barberry, er Bills Gamblin Hall goes under renovation. Many a night has ended at this Vegas main stay.

Artisan Afterhours

One of the hottest afterhours in the city today is the Artisan Afterhours. This is a who’s who afterhours spot of that Las Vegas service industry. Beats here are pumping well after sunrise. If it’s your birthday month, they give you a nice present of a complimentary bottle. Too tired to go home, then just crash in one of their artist themed rooms.

Rumor Bar & Lounge

Rumor’s afterhours is the newest party on the block. It’s space aged feel will keep you revved and going well into the AM. Just a block off the strip right by The Hard Rock, this after hours venue is close to the beaten path, afterwards grab a room or if it’s take a cab across the street to Rehab.

The Peppermill’s Fireside Lounge

Many afterhours club goers will find them selves hungry AND wanting another drink. The best spot for this is by no doubt the Fireside Lounge in The Peppermill. This spot has been here for a VERY LONG time Our favorites here are the bloody marys and chicken wings. This is by far a place for your 4th meal. (…and 10th drink, but who’s counting?)

Sapphire’s Karaoke Room

Don’t want to go home and feeling like a rock star? Then head over to Sapphire Gentleman’s Club and take part in a little-known karaoke party. This state of the art karaoke room has played host to many a rappers late night party. You never know who’ll you’ll end up jiving with at this spot.

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