Food: Cheap, Moderate, & Best Values

The Dirt Cheap, Moderately Priced, & The Best Overall Value in Las Vegas

Vegas loves to tout its growing cadre of world-renowned chefs and high class restaurants, but let’s face it, sometimes you’re in the mood for something a little more simple (translation: cheap). Forty-five dollar steaks have their place, but so do five dollar burgers, especially in our current economic climate. Then again, some of the lower end deals in Vegas don’t always deliver the highest of standards. The $5.99 prime rib looks good on the billboard but it might not always look quite so good on the plate. So, if you’re trying downshift on your Las Vegas food budget without totally betraying your taste buds and/or digestive system, here’s some good affordable places to eat in Vegas. Among them are: fast and cheap, the moderately priced, and our selections for the best overall values in town.

The Fast and Cheap

The Moderately Priced

The Top Three Best Overall Food Values in Las Vegas


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