Fetish & Fantasy Trick or Treating

A lot of people aren’t making it to work the day after Halloween, so why should you? Why? Because Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year and if you don’t wake up hungover in Vegas dressed in latex, horns and a red cape with someone you don’t know, well you’re just not living! We have some of the biggest Halloween parties in the country happening here and we definitely have the most outrageous.
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Hot & Sexy In Las Vegas

Rumor has it the Eskimos have more than 1,000 words for snow, but anyone who has ever partied in Vegas will tell you there are a million ways to say hot, sexy or cool here. Las Vegas has more hotties per square foot than the Fox Network, with way more fun than mouse town in Orlando. We’ve got our eye out for the hotties and the players. Check out the hottest Vegas happenings and what we spotted out on the town.
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Leap Into Wedded Bliss Vegas Style

Or Just Celebrate Your Final Fling. The number of marriage licenses issued takes a big leap in Las Vegas every four years around February. Is it because there are 80 or so wedding chapels, many of which are open twenty-four hours? Is it because you can get a wedding license anytime day or night, any day of the week? Actually, it’s because many couples want their wedding day to be the most unique day on the calendar…February 29th, Leap Day, which only occurs every four years. As many as 125,000 couples are expected to get married in Las Vegas in 2018, more than 300 a day. In fact, better than 3 million couples have tied the knot here, including hundreds of celebrities like Britney Spears, Dennis Rodman, Elvis Presley, Michael Jordan, Frank Sinatra and many others. But the bigger question is this…is Vegas a better wedding location or the better place you go to have your blowout final fling?

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Get The Hottest Deals On Vegas Hotels

Where should I stay in Vegas? The question we get asked here at VegasHotSpots.com a lot. The second most asked question is then, “Can VHS get us a discounted hotel room?” The answer is YES! We can get up to 10-30% off on your hotel room bookings! To make it easier for our guests from all over the world, we have an online hotel portal that offers some of the best hotel deals around Las Vegas. There is no need to sweat about a hotel room anymore. All you have to do is check out our sweet hotel deals. All the information is there. Start off your fancy trip to Las Vegas then with a discounted Hotel room, that won’t cost what it looks like it did.
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It is a place that you can see inside your head any way you like. It means something different to everyone. 10, 20, 40 years ago it meant the same thing that it doe today. PARTY TIME! All you need are some good friends, good food and good nightclubs and you’ll have a great time. That’s all anybody really wants, right? As you can see clearly, one thing Vegas is famous for has been left out of that equation.
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The Coolest Pools in Vegas

Welcome To Vegas Pool School

Vegas in the summer might be like a pot roast in the oven but during spring and fall (and even winter depending on where you’re visiting from), Vegas is an oasis in the desert. Lucky for you, you don’t have to sit there basting in your own juices in a vain attempt to be cool. There are plenty of oases awaiting your swan dive in Sin City. But like the casinos, the shows, and everything else in this town, some pools are cooler others. Sure, any of them will do the job of lowering your body temperature a degree or two. But you could do that in your own bathtub. If you’re going to take the plunge, do it in the best dives around – where you’ll find a little flair, a little style and maybe even a little skin. See you in the deep end at the best hotel pools in Las Vegas!

Hard Rock Hotel
Everything at the Hard Rock has that “rock star” vibe. Including the pool. Like the backstage of a concert, you can’t get into this chlorinated hideaway without a pass. But once you’re there, you’ll see why they go through so much trouble of keeping the looky-loos out. There are undulating sand-bottom pools and beaches, swim-up Blackjack tables, private spots found throughout the staggered levels, underwater music, an alfresco bar, not to mention a babbling brook and a waterfall. Paradise found, indeed. If you are looking for a pool party, the one you’ll find here is called Rehab! You’ll need VegasHotSpots to get you in VIP.

Caesars Palace
Sure, the pool at Caesars is impressive with its soaring rotunda in the center and fountains shooting water 15-feet high and columns and sculptures that remind one of Rome and Roman indulgence. But that’s not why this pool is so cool. It’s the area called the Venus pool that’s so, well, shagadelic. Why? It’s the only hotel pool on the Vegas Strip that allows European-style topless bathing. Can’t bring the kiddies to this tub. But really, why would you want to? The Venus Pool was made for sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the scenery. Literally.

One probably wouldn’t think of 10-foot flamingos spitting water onto swimmers as attractive. But against the backdrop of one of the oldest and wonderfully kitschy hotels in Vegas, it works. Whoever laid out the plan for Flamingo’s pool was some sort of aquatic engineering visionary. The network of waterslides is proof positive of that: waterslides are a standard at many hotel pools nowadays. Add to that a 14-foot waterfall, as well as live flamingos and penguins on display, and you’ve got one of the most refreshing and fun pools in Vegas.

You wouldn’t expect such a peaceful and picturesque water palace from a hotel that’s now all but ignored. And that’s reason enough to go. The pool at the Tropicana might be one of the best-kept secrets in Vegas. And once you’re there, you might be able to find a few more hiding places amongst the jungle landscaping, dark caverns and winding paths. There are also well-shaded dining areas and Jacuzzis that are all set back from the main pools. Don’t feel like being outside? No worries. There’s even an inside pool for all you solar-phobes. If it’s privacy in the pool you want, Tropicana’s the place to find it.

Mandalay Bay
Ocean? We don’t need no steenkin’ ocean. Here’s a pool that comes with something most of the other pools in Vegas don’t: Waves. Six-foot waves, to be exact. This makes Mandalay Bay’s pool not just a pool, but a literal water park. Covering 11 acres, the tropical park also features a lazy river, three exotic pools, water gardens and waterfalls with a sandy beach. And if you snack too much while sitting by the pool, there’s a jogging track surrounding the area. But really, who wants to exercise in Sin City when you can sit back and watch the eye candy sash-shay by?

OK, wave pools are very cool. But where do you go when you want to simply relax? Palms’ pool is the place. Featuring lounge chairs that are the size of double-beds, hammocks aplenty, as well as chairs and tables that are set up in the shallow end of the pool. Not only that, but there’s a glass pool with windows through which you can take underwater pictures. So you might want to wear some underwear underneath that bathing suit.

MGM Grand
For those people who believe in the phrase “Size Matters”, may we present the MGM Grand. There’s not one, but five huge pools with 27,000 combined square feet of space to swim in. Add to that 147,000 square feet of sunbathing space, as well as a 1,000-foot lazy river that takes 10 minutes to float around, and you’ve got a pool area that’s worthy of its own zip code. Tell your friends and family you’ll meet them at the lost and found.

Monte Carlo
Many people think Mandalay Bay was the first hotel on the Strip to bring a wave pool to the Strip, but it was actually the Monte Carlo that brought the waves first. Sure, the waves may only reach three feet in height, but they’re still an enjoyable diversion nonetheless. There’s also a kiddie pool for those with the family in tow. If those oases don’t float your boat, fear not. Monte Carlo has a total of five pools to choose from, as well as the Easy River Ride. Who said excess is a bad thing?

For those with time to waste – and money to blow – don’t miss the The Bellagio Pools. Stroll down the central walkway, and you’ll see pools surrounded by well-groomed pines and bonsais (a little larger than the ones in Karate Kid). Three of the pools have mushroom fountains that you can lay beneath while getting soaked like a sponge. For $100 a day, you can rent a Flamingo Kid-style cabana, each with a dressing area, sink, table, 6 lounge chairs, TV, phone, ceiling fan and a well-stocked fridge. With all that, who needs a pool?

Here’s another hotel surrounded by multiple pools, each one with its own distinct personality. One is clam-shaped with a large pearl fountain in the middle. Another is fish shaped with a black-tile bottom. The third has a sandy beach, and the fourth includes a jacuzzi tucked behind a beautiful waterfall. The Rio features Ipanema Beach, a lavish multi-level recreation complex featuring waterfalls, sand beaches and volleyball courts. Ah, so many pools, so little time.

The Ultra Lounge

What’s an ultra Las Vegas lounge, you ask? Start with the best elements of a private club, bar, nightclub, strip club and LA celebrity hangout, then add a healthy dash of mind-bending technology. Top it off with scores of A-list ultra-hot ladies and guys and you’ve got a perfect recipe for sophisticated socializing.

A lot of money and promotion have fueled several new Vegas venues billing themselves as the latest and greatest in this newly-named category, including Tabú, Risqué, OPM and Caramel. But arguably Vegas had a couple of ultra lounges already well-established, namely V Bar and The Foundation Room, before the recent tsunami of openings. Let’s take a look at what makes an ultra lounge in this Las Vegas lounge guide.


The first criterion is architectural design that sets an atmosphere of sensuality, intimacy, sophistication, mystery, elegance, style and energy. Each Las Vegas Ultra Lounge excels in this area, with their own distinctive flair. OPM inside The Forum Shops at Caesars above Wolfgang Puck’s Chinois restaurant, is one of the newest and strives to be a place “where Eastern style meets Western energy.” Noted southwest interior designer Stacia Lamb has combined ultra modern visuals with Zen Asian and feng shui decorator touches. Visitors to the Foundation Room, a private club atop Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, are greeted when they step off the elevator by a giant Buddha. Oriental rugs and fabrics create a lush, exotic, eclectic atmosphere.

V Bar on restaurant row in the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, takes a completely different slant with a sleek, techno, minimalist décor modeled after New York City’s hip supper club Lotus, and LA’s star-filled Sunset Room. The patrons are the show at V Bar. People are an important part of the show at Tabú as well, but in some very unexpected ways. Here Roger Parent, former executive producer for Cirque de Soleil, teamed with Reactrix Systems, to utilize sensual, intriguing images of the human body as the moving and movable images projected on the main bar and two low tables. The special effects technology makes the tables come alive to the touch. For its outside walls, Tabú uses frosted glass to allow tempting silhouettes of the activity inside.


It’s all about the music. When it’s right, everything else just falls into place. Good DJs find the groove and work it all night. Get the ladies up on their feet. What music each of these lounges plays is as varied as where the actual dancing occurs. At super chic Risqué in Paris Las Vegas, they play an energized world music mix to an intimate dance floor. The Foundation Room is one of the most fun places to dance in Las Vegas, and mixes favorites from the 80s, 90s and today and the walkways become a spontaneous dance floor. At Tabú, the interactive tables serve double duty as dance platforms for hostesses in lingerie and Hotties in not much more. And Caramel has a little something for everyone playing a versatile mix of hip-hop, Tony Bennett, ’80s and the Rolling Stones.

Drinks and Eats – Here the various lounges differ wildly. On the tame side, the Foundation Room offers a standard alcohol menu and appetizers/desserts from the House of Blues restaurant. At OPM, Risqué and Tabú, the “ultra” concept extends to the food and beverage choices as well. A late night menu of Wolfgang Puck cuisine is available at OPM even in the wee pre-dawn hours. Risqué kicks it up a notch with one-of-a-kind desserts and pastries and a coffee bar, and a sensually-dressed staff to keep the drink glasses well attended. Caramel in Bellagio offers an exotic medley of Martinis, infused vodkas, sake, and specialty drinks. But Tabú has gone so far as to dedicate entire rooms to specific beverages. The circular Tantra Room is a vodka room made of ice illuminated by custom-created light fixtures and dozens of flickering candles. Champagne is the featured cocktail in the VIP room in the back. Table service includes bottles of vodka accompanied by decanters of mixers and chocolate strawberries, an erotic 1-2 punch accentuated by the lingerie-clad model-attendants serving it to you.

Eye Candy and Star Power

Carmen Electra. Jessica Alba. Rosario Dawson. Jessica Biel. Christina Aguilera. Carol Alt. Whitney Houston. Sandy and Mandy Bentley. Ultra lounges attract the ultra chic. It’s almost impossible not to run into an actress, model, actor, sports all-star, rock star, mogul, comedian on any given night at one of these hip hangouts.

Velvet Ropes

Hey, this is Vegas baby. If we could put a velvet rope in front of a bathroom we would. All the lounges have them and getting past them gets harder the later on Friday or Saturday you try to get in. If you’re not a player in the casino, or on the list, expect to wait. But if you want be a player, you may want to check out our Las Vegas nightlife and daytime party packages that whisk you past the ropes and doormen, and seat you at your own private table.

Make The Most of Your Outing

Helpful Tips & Tricks For Vegas Stripclubs

If you haven’t been to a Vegas mega-strip club before, there are some basic guidelines to making sure you have the best time possible. Remember, the dancers are independent contractors who have paid the club for a chance to entertain you for money. Also, there are a lot of places you can go to just to drink. See our Las Vegas strip club guide below:

Bring enough cash. There are a lot of girls to experience and you’re going to be thirsty. You don’t want to run out of cash early because ATMs in the clubs charge $6-7 per transaction. Also, don’t be lame and show up with only $20 or $40 in your pocket.

VIP Room. Lap dances on the main floor are nice, but the real action occurs in the VIP rooms. Dances are better and you get to spend more quality private time with a beautiful topless girl.

Rent a Skybox. Get together even a small group and get one of these private rooms at Sapphire. Pick the hottest girl and she’s yours by the hour. You may even run into a major sports star or celebrity in an adjacent room.

Ask Questions. The rules for what a dancer can do and what you can do with a dancer are specific, but different because Sapphire and Treasures are governed by City of Las Vegas regulations, and Jaguars by Clark County regulations. Ask your dancer and she’ll gladly explain the rules so you get the most out of your time together.

No Solicitation. See above. Prostitution is illegal in Clark County and Las Vegas. Soliciting dancers to come back to your room will get you warned or tossed. Clubs can lose their licenses if they don’t enforce this strictly, and you’ll find they won’t tolerate anything close. Plus, dancers are not escorts – most are students, hair stylists, accountants and the like in the daytime.

Marriage Proposals. Any decent dancer will tell you she gets a marriage proposal or dinner date invitation every night. Good luck if you can make that connection, but keep in mind her job is to make you want her and she does it for dozens of guys all night.

Be a Gentleman (or Lady). Take a shower, throw on some cologne or perfume, make interesting conversation, be respectful and polite, tip generously and promptly, and keep your hands to yourself. Pretty much how you want to be treated.

Buy a Girl a Drink. Hey, you’d buy a pretty girl a drink at a bar or nightclub if she let you…why not here?

Limo Service. Be a big dog and use the club’s limo service to begin and end your VIP experience. Plus, it helps avoid a DUI after you’ve polished off that bottle of Cristal.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself. Let the girls bring the goods to you. You are not allowed to touch the dancers and can get tossed for doing so. And the girls really don’t like it.

Don’t Waste Their Time. If you’re there just to drink, be honest when the girls ask if you want a dance. Time is money for them…let them choose whether they want to just talk.


Best Midnight Snack

Eldorado Cantina

Eldorado Cantina features fresh organic non GMO Mexican cuisine restaurant 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  No matter the time you leave the club, if you are hungry for some good quality food that is moderately priced, grab a cab and tell them to take you to Eldorado.  Since it is centrally located and close to the strip, the trip is quick, easy, and well worth it.  With a five star rating on YELP, you should come down and find out exactly why we rate Eldorado Cantina as the best food place in Las Vegas to grab a late night bite.

Don’t Take Your Mom To Zumanity

Given the early Zumanity reviews, the Godfather was not sure what to expect when he checked out Cirque’s newest production at the New York New York in September. Bottom line (no pun intended), Zumanity was actually quite good. Only attend with a close friend, though, as anything goes in this sex filled extravaganza. As always, Cirque Du Soleil has reinvented itself yet again with a unique and innovative production show.

Finding the best seats for Zumanity is most interesting. There is the standard theater seating; however guests can also choose cabaret stools, love seats for two, or duo sofas. You truly can’t get a bad seat due to the size of the venue, however the Godfather recommends a cabaret stool in the front of the balcony, or if you are inclined to be downstairs, at least get a seat in front of the stage. The theater itself is absolutely gorgeous, although it does seem to be at the further point from the parking lot.

Zumanity “explores the senses” and “celebrates diversity”. Ain’t that the truth. The show is hosted by a drag queen that introduces you to her Human Zoo. There’s Alex the human muscle, Allen the acrobatic dwarf, Olga the flying ballet star, Muktar the contortionist, and Jacobo the snake charmer. The “zoo” is accompanied by a supporting cast of “perfect bodies” that complement each scene. I don’t want to ruin the finale for you, however it is safe to say that you should not bring your Mom.

Zumanity features an extraordinary web site (www.zumanity.com) where you can be a “voyeur” and view video scenes from the stage production. If you go to the “book tickets” section, you can see all the seating options prior to booking.
The Logistics

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ZUMANITY -New York New York Hotel & Casino

Tuesday through Saturday
7:30 PM and 10:30 PM