Fetish & Fantasy Trick or Treating

A lot of people aren’t making it to work the day after Halloween, so why should you? Why? Because Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year and if you don’t wake up hungover in Vegas dressed in latex, horns and a red cape with someone you don’t know, well you’re just not living! We have some of the biggest Halloween parties in the country happening here and we definitely have the most outrageous.
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Best Black Jack For Celebrity Spotting

Palms Casino Resort

Simplicity can be very cool. Take Blackjack, for example. If you can count to 21, and get closer to it than the dealer without going over, you win. Simple. The cool part comes in where you play it. Blackjack is played everywhere in Vegas and many players will tell you they look for hot tables and hot dealers. We prefer cool cats at our tables when we hit or stay on the faces and aces, and the blackjack tables at the Palms Casino Resort are the kitty’s whiskers. “A” list TV and movie actors and actresses, rock-and-rollers, supermodels, first-teamers from the NFL, NBA, and NHL, plus heavyweights from the WBC, PGA and NASCAR are thick in the house at the Palms. Turn your head and you may find yourself face-to-face with Ali Landry, Carmen Elektra, Jessica Alba, Toby Maguire, Dennis Rodman, Terrell Owens, Jay-Z, Pink, or the Dahm triplets. Pick the right location from the 55 tables in the 95,000-square foot casino and you may find yourself sharing the velvet with an MVP, or maybe just providing the entertainment for them. There is something special happening in the hotel almost every week, so your chances are good. Palms Casino Resort, 4321 Flamingo Road. (866) 942-7777, www.palms.com

Best Midnight Snack

Eldorado Cantina

Eldorado Cantina features fresh organic non GMO Mexican cuisine restaurant 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  No matter the time you leave the club, if you are hungry for some good quality food that is moderately priced, grab a cab and tell them to take you to Eldorado.  Since it is centrally located and close to the strip, the trip is quick, easy, and well worth it.  With a five star rating on YELP, you should come down and find out exactly why we rate Eldorado Cantina as the best food place in Las Vegas to grab a late night bite.

Best Poker Room


Welcome to one of the biggest card room on the Strip. Better than being the biggest, Mirage’s is the most inviting. Yes, the big sharks swim in these waters. But the atmosphere is relaxing enough to allow little fish their fun as well. With 24 tables and over 150 employees, this is one place in Vegas where your average Joe is guaranteed good service – provided he can hold up against the action. This room is always ultra clean, bright, and perhaps best of all, smoke-free. One of only two such gaming oases on the Strip (look to Treasure Island for number two), it’s far more enticing to place a bet here than in most of the crowded casinos down the street. As an added attraction, the poker room offers tournament action – the Poker Zone Tournaments – several nights a week. Just be sure to sign up early. These games are known to shut out.

Best Place To Spot Showgirls

After a Show: Peppermill Fireside Lounge

2985 Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas

peppermillfiresideloungeThis cozy, tucked away old school joint has a sense of swing inbuilt, and might be the best way to re-live the Rat Pack’s heyday. A Vegas original, the Peppermill lounge serves drinks that would be an embarrassment anywhere else: Mai Tai’s, Blue Hawaii’s and the famous Scorpion for two. But when the bar maid sits down to take your order, suddenly it all makes perfect sense. Sink into those blue velvet loveseats and enjoy an umbrella drink or two underneath the silk cherry blossom bushes lit by the bubbling gas flames of the Jacuzzi fountain at the center of the room.


On a Free Night: Bar at N9NE Steakhouse

The Palms Resort and Casino

n9nesteakhouseThe sizzle of N9NE Steakhouse is hardly confined to the kitchen’s 1200-degree ovens. N9NE represents a bold new era for the great American steakhouse with its dazzling modern design, a menu diverse enough to include both sirloin and sashimi, and the world’s coolest crowd of carnivores. On any given night, the place is full of the hottest men and women (See above. This is about showgirls, strippers and promotional models), and it’s not at all unusual to be dining next to the most popular celebrities and sports stars.

Before Work: Hamada of Japan

rest_hamada_photoTheir legs are impossibly long and their costumes defy gravity, but underneath it all Vegas’ hottest showgirls are just some of the world’s most beautiful and sexy women. When they’re not on stage, they love to play and the best place in town to find the hottest showgirls is Hamada of Japan just off the Strip at Flamingo and Paradise. This towering restaurant is a new home for an old favorite, replacing a smaller aging building just east of this location. The good news is there is more room for more showgirls including a U-shaped bar just made for eye contact. The Hamada family has eight locations in Vegas, but this is the original and the best. Almost any night of the week one or more show is dark and the girls are out to enjoy themselves, but late night sushi also has become the after-show fuel for many. You can’t go wrong in the Teppan Room or main dining room, but the real action is sushi and sake served at the bar.

The Hottest Cocktail Kittens (on the Strip)

Playboy Club

Palms Hotel and Casino, in the Fantasy Tower
HottestCocktailKittensBoxPlayboy bunnies, complete with cottontails. It doesn’t matter that there are clubs where the servers are wearing the tiniest lingerie…Playboy Bunnies are classic.  And in this club, you’ll find them slinging chips, too. The Playboy Club on the 52nd floor is a Playboy-themed casino and the first official Playboy Club in the United States since 1988. The club features floor-to-ceiling windows, dark colors, leather sofas and Baccarat crystal chandeliers. An exclusive VIP area features its own bar, a fireplace and two retro Playboy brand pinball machines. The trademark Playboy Bunny logo is prominently displayed throughout the club – from the carpeting and the buttons on the sofas to a giant neon bunny head emblazoned on the side of the building. There is Playboy centerfold wallpaper in the bathrooms and 60 plasma displays displaying visual images from the archives of the magazine. While Hugh Hefner had input in the design of the Playboy Club, he said most of the credit goes to the Maloof family and the Las Vegas-based entertainment company that helped open the club, N9NE Group. Michael Morton, a principal of N9NE Group, is the son of Chicago restaurateur Arnie Morton, one of Hefner’s partners in the launch of the original Playboy Club.


Coyote Ugly

New York New York Hotel and Casino
coyote_ugly_BoxThe scene at Coyote Ugly goes something like this: a stocked and stacked variety of scantily clad sex kittens scream, howl and two-step on top of the bar, making sure the mostly male patrons notice what they’re not wearing instead of the steady supply of drinks that inevitably go down here. The 35 keepers of the bar were chosen from a field of 1500 applicants for their exceptional sense of rhythm, mixological abilities and charming personalities… and, okay, maybe their software had something to do with it too. Showtime begins any time after 9 pm, when fresh-faced boys hang their ties above the bar and the few babes in the room liberate their brassieres. This is Jack Daniel’s country and it’s never tasted better than when poured by a tight-jeaned barn burner flicking her midriff in your face. The décor falls somewhere between Ozark Mountain high life and trailer trash cool, all the better to highlight the spectacular scenery behind the bar. Coyote Ugly, New York-New York Resort and Casino.