Leap Into Wedded Bliss Vegas Style

Or Just Celebrate Your Final Fling. The number of marriage licenses issued takes a big leap in Las Vegas every four years around February. Is it because there are 80 or so wedding chapels, many of which are open twenty-four hours? Is it because you can get a wedding license anytime day or night, any day of the week? Actually, it’s because many couples want their wedding day to be the most unique day on the calendar…February 29th, Leap Day, which only occurs every four years. As many as 125,000 couples are expected to get married in Las Vegas in 2018, more than 300 a day. In fact, better than 3 million couples have tied the knot here, including hundreds of celebrities like Britney Spears, Dennis Rodman, Elvis Presley, Michael Jordan, Frank Sinatra and many others. But the bigger question is this…is Vegas a better wedding location or the better place you go to have your blowout final fling?

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Where To Watch The Super Bowl in Vegas 2016

It’s THIS winter day that we choose to distinguish from the rest of the days of the year. Super Bowl Sunday! One day a year, Sapphire will open the entire club to zero in on the most important game of the year, and what a party it is! Sapphire has seven huge 20 feet HD screens with HD projectors lining not only the Showroom, but the main floor as well. There isn’t a bad place to watch the game in the entire club. If you and your friends want to party in privacy then just choose one of the ten private skyboxes that the club has to offer. If you got a big party of let say 40 people then you might want to think about reserving the infamous “Karaoke Room” which comes all mic’d up and ready for your official play by play.
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The Bellagio Pool Las Vegas

Just as one might expect from such an upscale hotel, the Bellagio pool is one of the more luxurious pools in Las Vegas. Using a landscape inspired by the romantic lure of the Mediterranean, the Bellagio pool offers the finest in lavish poolside services including spa treatments, poolside massages, appetizing cafe fare and VIP cabanas. The VIP cabanas are unparalleled and include such amenities as HD television, wireless internet, fully stocked fridge, daily newspaper, ihome, fresh fruit, a personal host to cater to your every desire and more. Book your day at the Bellagio pool with VegasHotSpots today and save money and guarantee your party a VIP cabana!

Dates open: Daily
Location: Bellagio

After Last Call

What To Do After Last Call In Vegas.

As the sun sets across the desert, the once familiar landscape takes on a different light. And, as evening becomes after hours in Vegas, the landscape changes once again. During after hours, celebrities rub elbows with lounge singers, exotic dancers, paid escorts and other hoi polloi on the dance floors along the Strip. The clubs might be unique in concept and appearance, but the goal remains the same – extend that good-time feeling for as long as you can. Here are our favorite hot picks for after-hours fun in Sin City.


The long standing afterhours champion for over 10 years and going is Victor Drai’s world famouse Drai’s. Currently housed in Bally’s while it’s old home The Barberry, er Bills Gamblin Hall goes under renovation. Many a night has ended at this Vegas main stay.

Artisan Afterhours

One of the hottest afterhours in the city today is the Artisan Afterhours. This is a who’s who afterhours spot of that Las Vegas service industry. Beats here are pumping well after sunrise. If it’s your birthday month, they give you a nice present of a complimentary bottle. Too tired to go home, then just crash in one of their artist themed rooms.

Rumor Bar & Lounge

Rumor’s afterhours is the newest party on the block. It’s space aged feel will keep you revved and going well into the AM. Just a block off the strip right by The Hard Rock, this after hours venue is close to the beaten path, afterwards grab a room or if it’s Saturday..er..Sunday take a cab across the street to Rehab.

The Peppermill’s Fireside Lounge

Many afterhours club goers will find them selves hungry AND wanting another drink. The best spot for this is by no doubt the Fireside Lounge in The Peppermill. This spot has been here for a VERY LONG time Our favorites here are the bloody marys and chicken wings. This is by far a place for your 4th meal. (…and 10th drink, but who’s counting?)

Sapphire’s Karaoke Room

Don’t want to go home and feeling like a rock star? Then head over to Sapphire Gentleman’s Club and take part in a little-known karaoke party. This state of the art karaoke room has played host to many a rappers late night party. You never know who’ll you’ll end up jiving with at this spot.

The Flamingo Pool Las Vegas


The Flamingo pool makes guests feel like they are on a tropical paradise. The pool’s crystal clear waters are highlighted by a majestic waterfall and exciting waterslide. Guests can also enjoy poolside gaming as well as several tropical bars and delicious eateries The Beach Club and Poolside BBQ. Private cabanas are also available and come complete with flatscreen televisions, fully stocked mini fridge and a personal host. In addition to the regular pool, the GO Pool offers an adult only alternative where VIP and luxury are the norm. Cabanas are also available at the GO Pool and include iced towels, frozen fruit, wireless internet, plasma television, Xbox360 and more! Book your day at the Flamingo Pool or the Go Pool with VegasHotSpots today and save money and guarantee your party a VIP cabana!


Dates open: Daily
Location: Flamingo
Resident DJ: DJ Keith Evans DJ Tomo

Hot Spots In Las Vegas

Grab your mouse, baby; you’re about to get totally clued in to what’s going on in Las Vegas. See the easy to read layout? It won’t bog you down with tedious mumbo jumbo, so your eyes don’t get too bloodshot from reading. What you have here is our informed opinion on the very best places to stay, to dine, to swing based on years of research and experience in the Vegas scene. We know the hottest shows, the smoothest entertainers, the most impressive landmarks, and the best places to get lucky (I ain’t just talkin’ about casinos). And listen, if someone asks how you found vegashotspots.com, just tell ’em a little mouse showed you.


hs_bl_imageBars, Nightclubs, and Lounges

How do we know which nightclubs, bars and lounges are the best? Our reviewers have been to all of them, and they’ve had the hangovers to prove it. If Tony Romo, Tiger Woods and hottest stars of sports, film, TV, and music come here to get their groove on, so should you. Check out our insiders’ recommendations. [more]


If you’ve visited Las Vegas recently, you might already know that this gaming mecca no longer treats gastronomy as an after-thought, but now makes it a main attraction. The $2.99 prime rib dinner now shares real estate with some of the biggest names in fine dining. Grab a fork and dig in to our guide to eating in Las Vegas. [more]


From shiny towers like Aria in the City Center complex to the tiny Artisan, secret hideaway of the sexiest celebrities. Try skinny-dipping 40 stories off the ground at the Palms or the world famous Bellagio & Ceaser’s Palace we’re your concierge. Find special all inclusive package available only to our guests. Check in time is now.


Las Vegas is known as the Entertainment Capital of the World for very good reason. We live here and we can barely keep up with all the excitement. Looking for the world’s largest gentlemen’s club? We’ve got it. Maybe your walls are covered in Garth Brooks posters. He’s backÖhere. A nightclub created and hosted by Eva Longoria? Check it out here. [more]


OK, you know Sin City has gaming, nightclubs, shows, amazing food, and liquor enough to float a cruise liner. What you may not realize is how many other attractions we have. Like indoor skydiving. Or indoor go-cart racing. Or the sickest thrill rides anywhere. Check out Glitter Gulch’s sportier side. [more]


The last 10 years have witnessed the emergence of Las Vegas as a shopping destination. Planeloads of tourists land here and head straight for our malls. From Fashion Show to Grand Canal Shoppes to Crystals, we have thousands of places for you to blow through all your money and actually leave with something to show for it. [more]

Best All Nude Club With Alchohol

Palamino Club

ent_palomino_photoThere is only one place in Las Vegas that simultaneously puts nude bodies on stage and alcohol in your glass. That’s the venerable Palomino Club in North Las Vegas. The north-south dividing line in the city means different courts, different police units and a different set of rules when it comes to drinking and clubbing. The Palomino is a Vegas holdout from the rough and tumble 60s when the town was just beginning to get its teeth. Don’t look for any pampering here. The women are hard, the patrons are tough and the bouncers take no nonsense. Lap dances run three songs for $100, and a bald, hairy-chested cashier stands ready to take the notes. The drinks they serve have a little punch. Not like you’ll need it. All that red vinyl seating lining the walls gets pretty warm when things get going in this all-night, all-nude clip joint.

The Title For The Best Pool Party

Rehab vs. Encore Beach Club

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
4455 Paradise Road, Las Vegas

Encore Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
3131 Las Vegas Blvd., South

rehab-pool-partyThe summer pool party scene is shaping up to be the biggest story of the Las Vegas entertainment scene for 2010.  Rehab has dominated the daytime wet party world since its introduction with Sunday events that have people lined up in their beach shorts and bikinis hours before the doors open and where securing a cabana means dropping a couple thousand bucks.  In Las Vegas, success breeds competition and Steve Wynn is no stranger to spending big to win big.  Encore Beach Club and Surrender Nightclub are scheduled to open over Memorial Day weekend.  Coming in around 60,000 square feet, the project is said to include about 50,000 square feet for the three-pool Beach Club complex, with 30 private VIP cabanas plus outdoor gaming, around 4,000 square feet for Surrender Nightclub, and another 6,000-8,000 square feet of multiple, climate-controlled decks between the two.  Neighboring Switch restaurant will also be drawn into the fold for the now-traditional Vegas ensemble of pool, restaurant and club.  The Encore Beach Club deck is expected to remain operational up to 10 months out of the year, thanks to the climate-controlled patios, so nighttime pool parties are a possibility as well. The nightclub is currently slated to open three to four nights a week for starters. Total budget? Well over $70 million reportedly and possibly up to $100 million when all is said and done.

Best Grills In Las Vegas

Mesa Grill

Caesar’s Palace

mesa-grillBobby Flay brings his passion for bold and innovative Southwestern fare straight to the heart of the region that inspired it at Mesa Grill. The desert outpost of the acclaimed New York City Mesa Grill opened to great success in 2004. Bobby developed his signature style of American cookery, marrying the flavors of southwest with his love of grilling at Mesa Grill.  Bobby presents dishes like New Mexican Spice Rubbed Pork Tenderloin with Bourbon-Ancho Chile Sauce, Sweet Potato Tamale, and Crushed Pecan Butter. In a nod to the West, he also includes a Chiptole Glazed Rib-Eye with Red and Green Chile Sauce.  Las Vegas’ proximity to Mexico gives the restaurant access to some of that country’s highest-quality tequila and mezcal offerings, and the expansive wine list has a global reach yet maintains an emphasis on top American wines. The combination of Mesa Grill’s magnificent decor, the exciting vibe of the casino atmosphere and Bobby Flay’s stunning range of textures, flavors and colors incorporated into his menu continue to electrify diners year after year.

Triple George Grill

rest_trippleg_image_photoSeems that, lately, every time you turn around, there’s another good reason to go downtown. The latest case in point is Triple George Grill, located at Third and Ogden streets. Triple George is big on steaks and chops – and, well, big on big portions. The turf part of the menu features premium stakes and pork chops. Triple George is also open for breakfast and lunch, and it’s highly recommended that, at some point, you give every meal a try here. The ambience is comfortable and conducive to conversation, highlighted by tile and wood floors and high-well booths; the main room is dominated by an oval-shaped bar. This is what a downtown grill should feel – and taste – like.