Girls Just Want To Have Buns

It’s a common scene in Vegas: bare-chested dancers wrapped around poles, moving to last year’s hip-hop hits; a throng of patrons impatient to tuck dollar bills into the performer’s G-strings; drinks upon drinks filling small tables as members of the crowd search the stage for their favorite body, visions of lap dances in their head.   Now imagine that the dancer’s name is Officer Rick and the lady in the front row with a ten-spot between her teeth is your mother. Welcome to Ladies’ Night in Las Vegas, a place where pecs trump hooters, and the muscled posteriors glisten with baby oil.

It was only a matter of time before Vegas’ adult entertainment industry started paying attention to the fairer sex and giving them a real Vegas girls’ night out. Though couples might attend some of the tamer casino shows together, like Skintight at Harrah’s, Sin City didn’t build its reputation on taming impulses. So, while the guys have long enjoyed silicon earmuffs and VIP lounges, women have been forced to choose between nightclubs filled with organ grinders or thrill rides with the kids.

In Vegas’ quest to please all the people all the time, a new breed of all-male revue has sprung up to capture the ladies’ attention. Though somewhat more sedate than their feminine counterparts, these shows still pull in everything from bachelorette entourages to middle-aged bus groups, all looking for a night on the town with their girlfriends. As one recent show-goer attested: “You want to make sure your hormones are still intact.”

For those desiring an up-close-and-personal encounter with their hunks, Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club features an all-male revue. The Men of Sapphire Vegas male strip club performs each Friday and Saturday night from 9PM to 2 AM. In fact, this top-notch Vegas strip joint unleashes their hard gems to not only perform choreographed numbers on a massive stage in their 300 seat state-of-the-art Showroom but they also come around and give lap dances too. That is when things get a little up close and personal fast. The show features quality graphics, three HD projectors and a stage that has enough room for 10 Hunks at once plus a wild bachelorette or birthday party girl. All this can be arranged! Between the sound, the visuals and the Hunks coming out and to perform their routines onstage, don’t just expect the usual collection of firemen and construction workers, this place gets creative which makes it the VEGAS HOT SPOT MALE REVUE 2015. Lap dances are $20 a pop are readily available. Must be 21 or over to enter! Contact VHS and we’ll get you over there immediately in style!

With two casino-based all-male revues and a strip club featuring a whole floor of male dancers, the time to gather up the posse for a raucous night of bun-watching is now. Chippendales is the granddaddy of all-male revues, not that any of their dancers are showing their age. The dance troupe, currently in residence at the Rio, dates back to Los Angeles and the indulgent LA Law ’80s. Steve Banerjee and choreographer Nick Denoia created the first all-male revue, a concept that proved wildly popular. Then, in true ’80s fashion, the two argued over money, which ended with Banerjee putting a successful contract out on Denoia’s life.

None of which matters to the current cast of performers or their ravenous fans; ladies can expect the same rock-hard biceps, washboard abs and blue-collar fantasies that made the brand famous. The Chippendales dancers perform Wednesday through Monday at 10 PM (with an 8 PM showtime on Thursdays). . This is a 21-and-over-only show except on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays, when 18 + are admitted.

With more meat per square inch than the Outback Steakhouse, the Australian lads in Thunder from Down Under are primed for some serious jousting at the Excalibur. A show in the Chippendales tradition, Thunder features the blokes performing themed choreographed routines and charming the crowd with their Aussie accents. Expect nothing more than plenty of skimpy G-strings and limited audience interaction.

A recent 62-year-old attendee described the appeal of the Aussie blokes: “We were repressed. We didn’t think about naked men. But I don’t care how old you are, I still think it’s fun to look at a young male body, especially in a tasteful setting like this. You have some drinks with your friends, you get a little silly and crazy.”

Admission to Thunder from Down Under is pretty reasonable. Shows run every night but Thursday at 7:30 PM with an additional 11:30 PM performance on Fridays and Saturdays. Guests from 18-20 must be accompanied by someone 21 or older.

Though the popularity of male revues is growing, it’s still a small segment of the Vegas show scene, and one mostly patronized by the middle-aged visitor. But with tasteful, high-profile fantasy productions like Chippendales and Thunder from Down Under and the in-your-face eroticism of The Men of Sapphire, it won’t be long before the younger generation gets curious about what’s beneath those banana-hammocks.


The Bellagio Pool Las Vegas

Just as one might expect from such an upscale hotel, the Bellagio pool is one of the more luxurious pools in Las Vegas. Using a landscape inspired by the romantic lure of the Mediterranean, the Bellagio pool offers the finest in lavish poolside services including spa treatments, poolside massages, appetizing cafe fare and VIP cabanas. The VIP cabanas are unparalleled and include such amenities as HD television, wireless internet, fully stocked fridge, daily newspaper, ihome, fresh fruit, a personal host to cater to your every desire and more. Book your day at the Bellagio pool with VegasHotSpots today and save money and guarantee your party a VIP cabana!

Dates open: Daily
Location: Bellagio

Top 20 Cool Things To Do In Vegas

The beauty of Las Vegas is that it offers every possible combination of vacation experience. From the raunchy to the refined, you can do it all here. It all depends on who you are as an individual and what you’re looking to do. Love sports? We’ll set you up in style to enjoy the big sporting events. Foodie? We know where you can get it all: seafood, steak, Chinese, Italian. You name it. Wanna check out a show with your significant other? We can deliver your tickets directly to your hotel. Or are you all about the nightlife? Dayclubs and the pool scene? Activities? How about electric go carts that go up to 50mph. Sky Diving, skiing, mountain climbing at Red Rock Canyon, Golf, Off-roading, Machine Gun shooting at a local range, Helicopter rides to the Grand Canyon or over the strip; these are all amazing ways to get your motor running and get the static taste of everyday life out of your mouth. Vegas is full of things to do. It’s all out there for the taking. Let us help you create the trip of your dreams with a custom party package designed just for you.





















Best Shrine To Showmanship

Liberace Foundation and Museum

1775 E. Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas

The Liberace Museum was founded April 15, 1979, by the legendary entertainer Liberace. The Museum features “Mr. Showmanship’s” dazzling jewelry, rare antiques, unsurpassed wardrobe, unique and historical pianos and his custom car collection. The non-profit Museum supports the mission of The Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts which has funded scholarships since 1976. The scholarship program has touched the lives of more than 2,700 students. The Liberace Museum is comprised of two buildings: Building One houses the Piano and Car Galleries; Building Two showcases the Costume and Jewelry Collections, a re-creation of Liberace’s Palm Springs bedroom, and the Awards Gallery. Also inside the Museum property is the Cabaret at the Liberace Museum. The Cabaret not only serves as a showcase for Liberace’s famous mirrored Baldwin nine-foot grand piano as well as home to several afternoon and evening shows by local entertainers. Example pieces of Liberace’s collections can be found in Building Two, including pieces of rare Moser crystal from Czechoslovakia. Liberace owned service for 12, with 14 individual glasses for each setting. The Museum Store and Cafe are open to the public. Among the items offered for sale in the Liberace House are Liberace related items, compact discs and video cassettes; along with a selection of music related books, giftware, stationery and jewelry.

Best Place To Speed Without Getting a Ticket

Exotics Racing

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

exotics-racingEver dreamed of owning a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston-Martin or Porsche?  Besides the implied improvement in your ability to attract the opposite sex, it’s almost pointless to own a vehicle that can do 198 MPH in the U.S. because…well…where are you going to drive it flat out like it was meant to be driven?  Seriously, even 75 MPH on a desert highway is a limited experience.  Or you could make a stop at Exotics Racing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and put a Ferrari 430 F1 through its paces for 20 laps around the same track NASCAR rides on for the 2010 Shelby American Sprint Cup Series.  Groups are welcome too.  Client and team building events, seminars and conferences will take another dimension when participating in Exotics Racing’s group and corporate events.  Check out for more information.

Richard Petty Driving Experience

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

rec_rpetty_photoWhen you feel the need for speed, but you’ve already used up all your traffic school exemptions, the place to go for pedal-to-the-metal excitement is the Richard Petty Driving Experience at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The Petty School provides racing fans and thrill-seekers the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a 600 horsepower Winston Cup style stock car in one of the safest and most exciting driving and riding programs in the world. Strap yourself into one of these road rockets and blow out all your commuting traffic jams frustrations with a solo ride from eight to eighty laps. Britney Spears did her fast-and-furious best here. Want more, but aren’t sure you’re ready to do it yourself? Try their Ride-Along Program, which gives you a chance to ride with a professional instructor for a Winston Cup-style qualifying run at speeds in excess of 160 MPH. It can get really hot in the cars during the summer, so October to early June are the best times to come unless you want a quick ten-pound weight loss.

Best Places To See The Galaxy

Log Cabins

Mt. Charleston Lodge, Kyle Canyon

log-cabinsThe historic Mount Charleston Lodge is located at the end of Highway 157 at the top of Mount Charleston with lodging in 23 log cabins and breakfast, lunch and dinner served daily.  Since the 1997 debut of the Mount Charleston Lodge’s individual log cabins couples and families have been creating memories to last a lifetime.  Each A-frame cabin also features a covered rear balcony, perfect for quiet times, viewing the spectacular scenery and enjoying the cooler & fresher mountain air.  Make plans for hiking – the Cabins are located at the trail head of several of the area’s most popular hiking trails.  And plan to spend part of your night under a blanket staring up at the stars.  This far outside of Las Vegas, the sky at night comes alive with stars you simply can’t see from anywhere on the Las Vegas Valley floor.

Bonnie Springs

1 Bonnie Springs Road, Las Vegas

attract_bonniesprings_photoThis bar/zoo is the destination of choice if you want to have a great hamburger, sip a stiff hot toddy, and see a few coyotes and raccoons to boot. The spot is Bonnie Springs Ranch, about 20 minutes outside of town. Park and take the toy train ride to the entrance, feed the geese who’ve taken up residence in the pond, have a spin through the petting zoo and aviary of odd birds, hang out by the bull pen, then head for the bar and restaurant. Take heed: leave your necktie at the door before it’s snipped from your neck in this no-tie rule anti-establishment. But head out late in the day so you can return after sundown, where a stop along the road will premiere the best natural show in town – a star-packed sky where meteors fall like coins from slot machines. Then again, those may not be meteors. Keep plenty of Reese’s Pieces on hand.

Best Place To Find Culture

Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art

Bellagio Hotel and Casino

bellagio-gallery-of-fine-artThe Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art showcases magnificent works of art within a AAA Five Diamond Award resort setting. Inside visitors can expect to view the finest examples of painting, sculpture and other impressive work by some of the world’s most influential and renowned artists.  The current exhibition running through April 2010 is “12 + 7: Artists and Architects of CityCenter” featuring sculptures, drawings, paintings and models by 12 of the contemporary artists and seven of the master architects whose work revolutionized the Las Vegas landscape when CityCenter opened to the public in December 2009.  “12 + 7: Artists and Architects of CityCenter” showcases artworks by a selection of artists featured in CityCenter’s Fine Art Collection, alongside early sketches and architectural models of CityCenter’s soaring towers, and retail and entertainment district. This assemblage of work illustrates the symbiotic relationship between the métiers of art and architecture by peeling back the layers of a particular artist’s work, exploring its architectural or spatial relationship (take for example, Jenny Holzer’s corner piece or Antony Gormley’s standing figure); but also by providing insight into how each architect’s design became an integral component of the overall urban vision of CityCenter – as their buildings evolved, they developed much like a piece of artwork.

Best Place To Rope a Calf

Sandy Valley Ranch

West of Las Vegas, Sandy Valley exit off Highway 161

attract_sandyvalley_photoIn this dusty desert outpost 40 minutes from town, you’ll find a corral full of horses and pens of cattle, pigs, as well as an errant goat or two. Sandy Valley Ranch opened ten years ago, and ever since, it’s been giving Vegas refugees a chance to escape the neon and see how the west really lives. The folks here do it all: ho-downs, hayrides, barbecues and rodeos. Any urban cowboy or cowgirl is welcome. A few lessons with a rope and a baby cow and you’ve roped your first calf. Horseback rides come with the territory: nose-to-tail, or running the range – your choice. Sandy Valley reminds you that you are on the frontier and there are no rules. The Boss Lady, Marilyn Kelch Gubler, and her family are bonafide Westerners. Her parents settled in Las Vegas in 1939 to realize their dream of putting down roots in the mysterious Mojave Desert. Real Vegas pioneers who started the first radio station in the Las Vegas Valley, Maxwell and Laura Belle Kelch are listed in Las Vegas history books among the most important early citizens.  In 1997 Marilyn bought 110 acres of mesquite and joshua tree-covered range and began to carve Sandy Valley Ranch out of the hidden valley formed by the graceful mountain ranges that guard the entrance to the Las Vegas Valley.  As they like to say, “We’re 45 minutes and 100 years from Las Vegas”.  Check out for more information.

Celebrities in Wax

Madame Tussaud’s

The Venetian – Resort, Hotel and Casino

attract_tussaud_photoSure, Elvis was a really strange celeb. But where do you go when you want to see the strangely real celebs? The first U.S. incarnation of the London original, Madame Tussaud’s proves that Brits do at least one thing better — wax. Unlike the hideously cheesy wax statuettes that abound in every Americana museum, these statues are cheery, lifelike and almost cool. And here is one VIP room in Vegas you’ll actually be able to access, so don’t miss the party with Whoopi, Oprah and even Mr. Jennifer Aniston, a.k.a. the waxy Mr. Pitt. You can swing with Babe Ruth in the sporting section, rock with Elton in the Muzak area, and, of course, pay homage to Frank in the land of Vegas Legends. Put on a dress and Marry “George Clooney” in our Vegas style chapel. Don the signature bunny ears, and party with “Hugh Hefner”! Share the spotlight with “Cameron Diaz.” Become a member of the “Blue Man Group” and play alongside them on their genuine PVC instruments. Test your basketball skills by going head-to-chest against “Shaquille O’Neal” experience. Get on stage and audition for “Simon” in our “American Idol” experience. Madame Tussaud’s makes YOU an instant celebrity – encouraging you to kiss, hug or mug with your favorite movie stars, musicians, sports heroes and Las Vegas legends.  General admission is a cool $25, but that includes all the touching, pinching and cavorting you could possibly do with a waxen poseur. And since they’ve got to keep that wax in a comfortable climate during the raging Vegas summer, this can be one of the coolest places to be.

Best Place To See Sharks

The Tank at Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino

The notorious Golden Nugget pool is now The Tank – a $30 million complex complete with a shark aquarium, a 3-story waterslide, live gaming tables, and seven private cabanas. Five species of sharks and various game fish encompass the 200,000-gallon tank, the centerpiece of the pool complex.  Shark species include sandtiger sharks, brown sharks, Pacific blacktip sharks, nurse sharks and a zebra shark.  There also are southern stingrays.  Guests get up close with some of the oceans’ sleekest and deadliest beings. Or climb 30 feet in the air, lean back and let gravity show you an exciting ride through The Tank in our secured waterslide. This experience is unparalleled. After swimming with the sea creatures, dry off and enjoy a drink at the H2O Bar.

Shark Reef

Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino

Las Vegas has plenty of them: card sharks, money sharks, nightclub sharks…It’s definitely a town where only the toughest survive. And yet, ironically enough, Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay is one place where you can find respite from the cutthroat life. The sharks are real, the sea life is rare, and all is explained and laid out in front of you in a compelling environment, circling from the sand to the depths of the sea. But the two dozen or so sharks that circle over and under are only a few of the beasts you’ll see here. Nile crocs, killer turtles, monster jellyfish and moray eels also share the spotlight. And check this out: the giant sting rays like to be petted. It’s a good hour full of strange fascination. And right smack in the middle of the desert, no less.