Where To Watch The Super Bowl in Vegas 2016

It’s THIS winter day that we choose to distinguish from the rest of the days of the year. Super Bowl Sunday! One day a year, Sapphire will open the entire club to zero in on the most important game of the year, and what a party it is! Sapphire has seven huge 20 feet HD screens with HD projectors lining not only the Showroom, but the main floor as well. There isn’t a bad place to watch the game in the entire club. If you and your friends want to party in privacy then just choose one of the ten private skyboxes that the club has to offer. If you got a big party of let say 40 people then you might want to think about reserving the infamous “Karaoke Room” which comes all mic’d up and ready for your official play by play.

This party is extreme! The entire club will be filled with liquor sponsors and food sponsors lining the main floor for guests to roam around and pick and choose between. During halftime all the scantily clad girls will get topless for a one-of-a-kind topless, halftime, dollar dance spectacle. This is not for the weak at heart or the weak in the knees kind of football viewer. The only better place to watch the game is at the game itself. Even then, after being at the World Famous Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club, you still might feel like your missing something. Girls, booze, buffets, big screens, and lots of dollar bills is what you’ll find wafting through the air at this most extreme and righteous “Super Bowl Blowout”!

Sapphire is the largest gentlemen’s club in the world with over 100,000 sq. ft. of adult entertainment. This adult entertainment complex also includes the one and only gentlemen’s day club pool party during the summer months and caters to the DJ hungry, champagne sipping, beer swigging, party animals that Vegas caters to during the prime daylight summer hours.

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