The Best Tamales In Vegas

Lindo Michoacan

lindomichoacanIn Mexico they say, “if you want good food, go to Michoacan.”  In Las Vegas we say, “if you want good food, come to Lindo Michoacan.”  Lindo Michoacan Mexican Restaurants have been voted “The Best of Las Vegas” six years in a row in a poll conducted by the Las Vegas Review Journal. Established in 1990, Lindo offers authentic gourmet Mexican cuisine, prepared with only the freshest and finest ingredients.  Javier Barajas, the original owner, learned to cook when his grandparents, Timoteo and Ninfa, sent him to study at the seminary in Michoacan. Before long, she was teaching him to help with the food preparation as well. He spent years mastering the secrets of Michoacan cuisine. Now Javier and his family bring the great food and cultural traditions to Las Vegas. Beautiful Michoacan – “Land of Lakes and Fishermen” – is widely known for its rich and varied culture and most notably for its unique art and cuisine. A state with abundant natural resources. Michoacan is one of Mexico’s main producers of agricultural products.

Dona Maria’s

rest_donamarias_photoDona Maria serves her margaritas with Cuervo Gold and she sells her hot tamales by the dozen. And they go, by the bushel full, in four flavors. Red is pork tamales in a mild sauce, an order of green is chicken in spicy sauce, Sweet brings pineapple and raisins to the mix, and classic cheese is made with Monterey jack and green chilies. Of course there’s other stuff like the usual nachos and tacos and burritos and fajitas, and it’s all good served in a room of champagne pink and lime green with boxing posters all over the walls. Dona Maria has been serving up her tamales here since 1980. That’s a long time by Las Vegas standards, where resort hotels are given 20-year life sentences. She still manages to pack in the lawyer, police and biz crowds by day and hard-core tamale lovers by night in the restaurant’s downtown location between the Cupid Wedding Chapel and Gateway Motel, selling rooms for $26.

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