It is a place that you can see inside your head any way you like. It means something different to everyone. 10, 20, 40 years ago it meant the same thing that it doe today. PARTY TIME! All you need are some good friends, good food and good nightclubs and you’ll have a great time. That’s all anybody really wants, right? As you can see clearly, one thing Vegas is famous for has been left out of that equation.

Good Gambling!

It not the only thing people come to Las Vegas for any more. Yes, people still come to Las Vegas to gamble, but the city has evolved into so much more. Today, Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world and for good reason. The city doesn’t rely on just gambling anymore to draw people to Vegas. Vegas has expanded and created a phenomenal culture of mega restaurants, mega nightclubs, and mega shows. And it’s here for you to enjoy!

Good Food!

With all the perks of living in Las Vegas, this is the one that takes the cake! Almost every major restaurant that has been proven successful around the country and even the world is now here residing on the strip in a major hotel on the strip, with major clientele. Food is a big business here in Las Vegas but only the strong will survive. Which is why having proven eateries, with loyal clients from around the globe is the new trend for success here in Vegas. So if you’re eating out and planning on paying a pretty penny purchasing plates of pabulum, here are some suggestions that you will have to visit.

STK – This steak “Hot Spot” is located on the 3rd floor of the Cosmopolitan. The One Group has many restaurants around the globe. STK, the most popular restaurant of theirs, has stores in New York, Milan, London, Los Angeles and most importantly Las Vegas. The atmosphere is high energy and lot’s of hip loud music, so come to have fun and if you see people dancing on the tables, you’ll know you’re in the right place. Plus the food and specialty drinks are lights out!

Nobu – This sushi “Hot Spot” is located in Caesars Palace on the first floor. Nobu is well known throughout the world with locations in Miami, Hong Kong, Dubai, Moscow, New York and Los Angeles. These are just a few of their 30 locations worldwide! The fish is fresh, the atmosphere is lively, the sauces are tasty and the sake is plentiful. If there is a better place to have sushi than Nobu in Las Vegas, let me know. That would be tough!

RAO’S – This Italian “Hot Spot” is located in Caesars Palace on the first floor. RAO’S has only 3 locations, New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. However, the New York restaurant is so famous you can’t get in unless you have a reservation more than a year in advance because it is so small. That is not the case here in the Las Vegas location. RAO’S in Sin City has plenty of room and still the flare of an old style, Italian food eatery. From the anti pasta to the veal, from the linguini to the ravioli, from the wine to the grappa, you can’t go wrong when the food and drinks are so right. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Milos – This Mediterranean “Hot Spot” is located on the 3rd floor of the Cosmopolitan. Milos has stores in Montreal, New York, Athens, Miami, London and Las Vegas. The Las Vegas location is pleasant on the eyes and on the palate. Milos is a great spot for a nice lunch or an expansive dinner. There are plenty of items on the menu to order from but the whole fish cooked on large plates definitely drops jaws.

El Dorado Cantina – Located behind the currently under construction Resorts World and directly next to Sapphire Gentleman’s club you will find some of the best Mexican food Las Vegas has to offer. This hot off the stip spot serves up traditional organic non-GMO Mexican food. From street tacos to the table side guacamole, you are sure to find something tasty here. El Dorado is listed as one of the top resturaunts in the US on yelp and it’s chef, Chef Paco Cortez, was featured on Chopped during April of 2018.

Good Nightclubs!

The day of the mega club is here. 20 years ago there were only two nightclubs in all the hotels in Las Vegas, Club Rio in the Rio Hotel and Rum Jungle in the Mandalay Bay. Now, every hotel on the strip touts their very own nightclub but only a few are home to the “Mega Nightclub”. These “Mega Nightclubs” are fierce. Grossing hundreds of millions of dollars a year and paying mega bucks to get celebrities and power house DJ’s to play their venues. The people are coming, the drinks are flowing and the party is exceptional. If partying is what you’re into in Las Vegas then these following “Mega Nightclubs” will be high on your list.

XS – Easily, the most successful nightclub in Vegas. It is situated inside the Wynn/Encore Hotel and has been around since New Years Eve 2008. The club offers two experiences to the 3000 people that can be at the club at one time. First, booths and bottle service inside the club is one way to get the party started or a cabana out by the pool during the warmer months is another way to go. The club is 40,000 square feet and attracts DJ’s such as Skrillex, Diplo, Zedd and more.

Hakkasan – Located inside the MGM Grand, Hakkasan, first opened its five-level, 80,000 square foot restaurant, nightclub and lounge only two years ago. Immediately, it attracted all the major DJ talent that club goers are demanding. Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki are just a few who signed with this “Mega Nightclub” to exclusively perform here. It didn’t take long before this club became regarded as the next level of partying in Vegas!

Marquee – This nightclub and dayclub offers party goers a chance to rampage during the day time at the pool and also at nighttime when this club turns itself inside out for an epic party lasting way into the morning hours. Located inside one of the newest hotels on the strip, The Cosmopolitan, Marquee boasts 60,000 square feet of top flight DJ’s such as, Cash Cash, Benny Benassi, Dash Berlin and many more. Also, Marquee is the only daytime, winter pool party in town, as the pool is housed inside a huge heated tent. What will they think of next!

Omnia – The Hakkasan Groups newest addition to the Las Vegas nightlife and DJ scene is Omnia, located inside Caesars Palace. This is the newest nightclub on the strip and is fast becoming the most sought after nightlife experiences this city has to offer. Omnia’s DJ’s include powerhouse acts such as, Armin Van Buren, Krewella, Calvin Harris and Afro Jack, to name a few. The most impressive aspect of the club is the 22,000-pound kinetic chandelier located above the main floor which features choreographed lighting and video qualities that take this party through the roof.

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