Best Sushi In The Desert

Sushi Roku

The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace

sushi_rokuSushi Roku offers one of the best sushi options on the Strip. For example, not listed on the menu, The High Roll-er contains lobster, black truffles and Kobe beef and is topped with 24-carat gold leaf.  For the rest of us, it is a place where tranquility and style are set together with the taste of exceptional California sushi and modern Asian cuisine. A serene background augments a vast and colorful menu, impeccable service, and alluring ambiance.  Beautifully crafted woodwork gives Sushi Roku a mysterious, sensual feel.  Elevated platform, low-drifting booths create a see-and-be-seen atmosphere. perfect for a romantic night out or a much needed respite from your long day of shopping.  Menu favorites include sea bass egg rolls, made of buttery chunks of sea bass, are wrapped in wontons and fried to a golden brown and served with a cilantro-lime dipping sauce and micro green salad.  Hot appetizers include lobster gyoza potstickers with spicy cilantro soy, softshell crab with champagne beurre blanc and filet mignon-wrapped asparagus with soy mirin sauce — meat and vegetables conveniently in one package.  The delicious Kani Kani roll (crab crab in English) is topped with fresh snow crab and also has tempura crab inside the roll.  One definite must-try is the crispy rice cake topped with spicy tuna. The tuna is flavorful and has the perfect amount of heat-to-flavor ratio. The underlying rectangular rice cake is fried to a golden brown and is a more filling option to traditional plain white rice.


Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

rest_nobu_photoWhen the Sushi Chef of the Stars migrates to Vegas from LA, you know his place is gonna be hot. High rollers and beautiful babes abound at Nobu, but they’re not there to rub elbows. This is the only place in Vegas where you’ll find live scallops, surf clams and halfbeaks in just about any season. The menu could make even the most finicky eaters get a little experimental, especially when they hear the original tough guy, DeNiro, is among Nobu’s partners. If you can’t figure out how to order this stuff, just go for the chef’s nightly, multi-course omakase menu. You’ll walk out looking like a regular. But be prepared to empty your wallet; these little fishes like to swim in schools that can add up to a bundle. But it’s definitely worth it.

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