Best Strip Club VIP Experience

Sapphire Skyboxes

Eent_sapphire_photoveryone wants to be a player, even for a day, or a night. Watching a game from the 50-yard line, or seats behind the dugout, or from a skybox above midcourt is a score all by itself. The same is true at gentlemen’s clubs and no place on Earth offers a strip club VIP experience like the Skyboxes at Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club. Thirteen private skyboxes hang 25 feet above the main floor of the world’s largest topless cabaret. The largest of these rooms holds a dozen partiers and comes complete with a large flat screen TV showing the action on the 3 stages below, private butler and bar service, sound and light controls, and a killer view through glass that angles out over the floor. The smallest holds four, but all are well-appointed. Begin your Big Dog experience by entering through the VIP entrance and check in at the desk. You’ll be met by VIP Director Mark Tenzer who set up you and your party with a room, drinks and a selection of the finest entertainment Vegas has to offer (ladies…this is the place for you too. The club offers entertainment for you as well.) Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club, 702.796.6000,

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