Best Steakhouse on The Las Vegas Strip


MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

craftsteakCraftsteak is a 2005 Epicurean Award winner for Best Steakhouse in Las Vegas. It also is a 2004 Epicurean Award winner for Best American and Best Restaurant Overall and a 2003 Epicurean Award winner for Best New Restaurant on the Strip.  Craftsteak’s design belies its size — there is room for 260 diners. Booths are open yet afford a sense of privacy. The exotic natural-wood flooring, highlights of leather and bronze and the fine wood tables with butcher-block appeal reflect the restaurant’s natural approach to food as well as to decor.  Craftsteak’s menu is different from other steakhouses. It is a celebration of natural flavors, the finest ingredients and aged steaks. Along with the expected grilled steaks, there is a choice of grain-fed or grass-fed New York strip steaks. There are many braised dishes, including veal breast, beef cheeks, duck leg confit and lobster. The lobster is gently braised in butter. Seafood, fish and poultry are among the many roasted dishes.  The first-course selections include roasted or smoked sweetbreads, quail, foie gras and lamb tenderloin. Vegetarians will find many side dishes and vegetables prepared roasted, braised, pureed or sautéed. And how about fava bean agnolotti or spaetzle or farro?  Potatoes are available pureed, gratinéed, souffléed, roasted or fried. The combinations a diner can choose are endless. Menus change seasonally, so some dishes mentioned here will not always be available.

Delmonico Steakhouse

The Venetian – Resort, Hotel and Casino

rest_delmonico_photoIf you were a regular visitor to Vegas 20, 10, even just five years ago, a dinner deal was a prime rib dinner for $3.99. Since that time, the skyline of the Strip has changed dramatically and so have the epicurean offerings. Today, the renaissance of Sin City dining has made it one of the city’s major selling points, and it has attracted the country’s top chefs to put their names on eateries here. One of the best known is Chef Emeril Lagasse, and his Delmonico Steakhouse is a classic American steakhouse with Creole influences. This top steakhouse in Las Vegas is the place to go for melt-in-your-mouth Chateaubriand, bone-in rib steak, and pork chops. But here’s the insider’s secret: Emeril is a hands on chef and can be found occasionally in the Delmonico’s kitchen. Take a chance and book a glass enclosed Kitchen Table and you and 3-7 of your friends might savor an exquisite seven-course degustation and optional wine pairing prepared by Emeril himself. The degustation is a tasting menu that showcases Lagasse’s creativity and talents with seasonal items determined on a daily basis.

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