Best Small Venue To See Big Bands

Pearl at the Palms

Palms Casino Resort

pearle-at-the-palmsThe Pearl is one of the country’s leading intimate concert theaters and provides the ultimate concert experience for a variety of genres of music.  With special scalable curtains, The Pearl’s capacity can easily be adjusted to accommodate 1,100 to 2,500 guests, including standing and seated options.  The state-of-the-art venue features 18 private and semi-private sky boxes with exclusive bars and restrooms and many including personal lounges.  The Pearl also is hard-wired to The Studio at The Palms, enabling artists to create a cost-effective live album with efficiency and without additional venue set-up.

The Joint

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

1ent_joint_photoOk, so The Who never did get around to kicking off their U.S. tour but they certainly had every intention. And that kick off spot was to be The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel. Had hard luck not intervened, the 1,400-person, sold-out spot would have had Las Vegas rocking as bands do not get much bigger than The Who and spots to see them don’t get much smaller than The Joint. Other than inviting Roger Daltrey to parade around your living room, the closest most people can hope to get to the Gods of Rock would be at the Hard Rock Hotel, where the likes of Bob Dylan, Melissa Etheridge and Seal have all taken the stage. Be prepared to stand, although you might be able to (and do it if you can!) reserve a folding chair or barstool. No matter where you are in this tiered-down sound palace (with the exception of the back of the balcony), the view is good, close enough to see sweat and if you are lucky, far enough from the stage not to be hemmed in by raving hordes and unkind decibels.

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