Best Sci-Fi Ride

4-D Special FX Theatre and Dino Island Motion Rides

Inside Adventuredome
at Circus Circus Hotel and Casino

4dadventuredomeDeveloped by SimEx-Iwerks, the 46-seat 4-D Special FX Theatre was created exclusively for the Adventuredome. Guests will really feel part of the action with fun interactive features like bubbles, scents, water squirts, air blasts and more. The entire family can enjoy a Marvin the Martian 3-D film, featuring the boisterous (yet amusing) Daffy Duck. Or, visitors may opt to watch the other 4-D film, showcasing a dream-like, Fun House adventure. In Dino Island I, guests take a ride on an unprecedented mission to explore a newly formed island, a scientific team discovers an abundance of prehistoric plant life, dark caves and rivers of lava. But perhaps the most shocking discovery of all – live dinosaurs! In Dino Island II: Escape from Dino Island, the Earth Science Team returns to Dino Island as an erupting volcano threatens to destroy all of the island’s inhabitants. The team attempts to rescue “Tony,” the only remaining male T-Rex in existence, as lava begins to flow and the island seems to literally come apart.

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