Best Restaurant To Impress


rest_picasso_photo$40 to $60 million worth of Picassos line the walls. That’s what you’ll see when you stroll into this first-class joint, so be careful not to fling your peas. The room is a giant art gallery filled with Picasso’s work, and the view is almost as stunning. Every fifteen minutes, you’ll witness the Bellagio fountains dance as if Bob Fosse choreographed them. And here’s the kicker: this elegant eatery was given the Mobil Five-Star Award, so the food is beyond amazing. How ’bout some warm lobster salad, truffle-crusted lamb, and chocolate soufflĂ©? Though these might be the best dishes you’ll ever lay your chomps on, be prepared to wait; the reservation list can get pretty backed up. It’s a one-price-fits-all menu. Just keep the mooches away from the wine list. There’s some fancy French stuff in the back that could break any bank.

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