Best Poker Room


Welcome to one of the biggest card room on the Strip. Better than being the biggest, Mirage’s is the most inviting. Yes, the big sharks swim in these waters. But the atmosphere is relaxing enough to allow little fish their fun as well. With 24 tables and over 150 employees, this is one place in Vegas where your average Joe is guaranteed good service – provided he can hold up against the action. This room is always ultra clean, bright, and perhaps best of all, smoke-free. One of only two such gaming oases on the Strip (look to Treasure Island for number two), it’s far more enticing to place a bet here than in most of the crowded casinos down the street. As an added attraction, the poker room offers tournament action – the Poker Zone Tournaments – several nights a week. Just be sure to sign up early. These games are known to shut out.

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