The Best Places To Watch…And Be Watched


XS Nightclub

Encore Resort, Hotel and Casino


The numbers alone are mind-boggling. 40,000 square feet. 26 two-story cabanas. Four bars. Thousands of the hottest women and men you’ll ever find under one roof. Except when they’re outside under the stars around a gigantic pool. If you’re single, divorced or otherwise unattached, XS is, in the words of Maverick and Goose, a “target-rich environment.” Nowhere on Earth will you find more tiny black dresses, plumped up cleavage and intermingling of the sexes. Did we mention that you can sit on lounge chairs floating on the pool? Or dip your feet in the water to cool them off after hours of dancing? Or party on a bed by the pool. If you only make it to one uber-club, XS should be your choice.


TAO Nightclub

Venetian Hotel and Casino, Grand Canal Shoppes

taonightclubBoxWas there any doubt that Las Vegas has become America’s Nightclub Central? Tao puts an exclamation point on that long-since-settled issue. Tao is a 10,000-square foot club featuring two main rooms, the Temple and Emperor’s Ballroom, all immersed in a high-energy environment that bathes patrons in a simmering atmosphere of colorful sights and sounds–the perfect place to people watch, the perfect place to be watched. Tao features a 40-foot outside terrace with stunning views of the Las Vegas Strip, while, inside, sophisticated studio lighting and sound systems keep the energy flowing. One of Tao’s signature features: eight private skyboxes, which boast mini bars, espresso machines and secure purse drawers. Tao is located on the Grand Canal Shoppes level of the Venetian.

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