Best Place To Buy a Harley

Las Vegas Harley-Davidson Showrooms and Diner

shop_harley_photoIt’s hog heaven for Harley lovers in this area of the world because the Harley-Davidson main showroom just doesn’t get bigger. These bikes can be found in the six Harley stores around town and there’s even free shuttle service from the hotels. If you’re on the Strip you can pop into the showroom next to the MGM Grand and pick out helmets, leather jackets, chains and eagle-studded belt buckles. When the sound of grinding gears gets your stomach rumbling, head next door to the Harley-Davidson CafĂ© for some grinds that will get your motor started. Saddle up to the bike-seat bar and sink your teeth into the Harley Hog sandwich full of Carolina-pulled pork washed down with a 20-ounce Harley cocktail. You keep the glass.

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