Best Place To Be Baribie

Barbie Suite

The Palms Resort Hotel and Casino

Owners of the Palms Resort are betting that women will want to get reacquainted with a childhood icon at their newest suite inside the Fantasy Tower. The $4,000-a-night “Barbie Suite” was unveiled to coincide with the doll’s 50th birthday. The 2,350 square foot suite is designed like Barbie’s dream house, with pink décor, a two-way fireplace and a Jacuzzi tub. You’ll even find the walls adorned with classic Barbie photos.  “It’s full of eye candy, glitter all the things that Barbie really loves. It was actually designed by Jonathan Adler whose aesthetic is very happy, chic so it is a perfect marriage for Barbie,” said Stephanie Cota, Senior Vice President of Barbie Marketing. Barbie’s suite is the latest addition to the Fantasy Tower, which also includes the basketball-themed Hardwood Suite, the bowling-themed Kingpin Suite and the sex-themed Erotic Suite.

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