Best Place To Tie The Knot

Aboard the Song Ship in Siren’s Cove

Treasure Island Resort

Anyone can come to Vegas and get married in a cute little chapel on the Strip, or even a drive-through chapel.  But not everyone can get married on a pirate ship.  Yeah, I said it…a pirate ship.  It’s not only one of the best free shows on the Strip, but the Sirens of TI pirate ship battle in front of the Treasure Island Resort (known now as the TI) can provide an only-in-Vegas experience for nuptials.  Order the hotel’s Enchantment Wedding Package and for $2,599* per couple (add $360 on Saturday & Holidays) you can get married on board the Song Ship, the vessel of the Sirens.  The package includes a lot of amenities including limousine rides, walkway of rose petals, photo album, massages, manicure and makeup.  Add another $460-510 and celebrate your wedding night in a Petite Suite with VIP check-in and champagne breakfast in bed for two.

Little White Chapel

There is only one wedding queen, and that title goes to Charlotte Richards, proprietor of the Little White Chapel on Las Vegas Blvd. She does it all, from the pronouncements to the counseling to the PR, gained easily since her introduction of drive-through and skate-through weddings at the order window for $25 a pop. If you want to take your wedding nice and slow, try the Tunnel of Love option on the marriage menu. It’s a tunnel on the chapel grounds featuring gates decorated with doting cherubs that open into a long, dark space given to the light of twinkling stars and a silvery moon. Five cars can park there simultaneously – if the smell of co2 is to your liking – while ministers approved by the state of Nevada provide a 20-minute service. They’ll even sing an Elvis topper for an extra $20.

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