Best Place For Vodka Lovers

Minus 5 Ice Lounge

Mandalay Bay, New York-New York, and Monte Carlo

minus-5Created in New Zealand, minus5 is an ice lounge where you can touch, feel, and explore handcrafted ice sculptures and ice architecture made from 100% pure Canadian ice. Named for its constant frosty temperature of minus five degrees (twenty-seven degrees Fahrenheit), everything inside minus5 is made of ice; the walls, the bar, the sculptures, the seats and even the glasses that you enjoy our famous vodka-based cocktails in. Guests  are kitted out in Eskimo-like ice gear which includes insulated jackets, gloves and sheepskin-lined boots, relax on ice couches covered in deer skin, and sip on a wide range of vodka cocktails using only the world’s premium vodkas, served in our custom-designed glasses made from New Zealand artesian water (guests are limited to 3 cocktails in any half hour period).

Red Square

Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino

bl_redsquare_photoThe cold war is long gone, baby, and Red Square offers a lot of compelling reasons why. This Belle Époque nightspot in the Mandalay Bay puts its vodka first, storing their huge selection of bottles in lockers frozen at 10 degrees below. They even provide a lesson in soviet-style privilege with private lockers for the favored bottles of Las Vegas luminaries. Deep red velvet booths, white tablecloths and dusty blood-colored velvet curtains suspended from 30-foot ceilings make turning commie look pretty darn good. Throw in authentic mink coats and hats for tastings in the glassed in freezer and you’ll be slurring the love song from Doctor Zhivago before you know it. Don’t pass out on the bar, though: it’s made out of ice and getting loose can be a real drag

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