Best Microbreweries in Las Vegas

Sin City Brewing Company

Miracle Mile Shops in Planet Hollywood,
and Flamingo Hotel and Casino

sincitybeerSin City Brewing Co. is a Las Vegas-based microbrewery launched by long-time Gordon Biersch Director of Brewing Operations Richard Johnson. Produced to satisfy both the microbrew savvy drinker and those with a preference for a traditional domestic style beer, Sin City beers accentuate the indulgent nature of Las Vegas. The beers are brewed in small batches (100 kegs at a time) using traditional methods, premium raw materials and a strict adherence to the Rheinheitsgebot, the 1516 German beer purity law that differentiates Sin City beers from the big guys. Sin City beers are brewed and distributed exclusively in Las Vegas.  Sin City Brewing Co. also features a popular retail line that is available through its online store and at its branded microbrew bars.

Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant

Original location at 3987 Paradise Road
or 750 S. Rampart Blvd. in Summerlin

best_microbrewery_photoIf a half-liter of the freshest brew on the planet, a plate of fresh-roasted chicken and garlic mashed potatoes, and scores of beautiful beer-drinking women from the corporate office towers and university next door are to your liking, then you must be at Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant. Started by Dan Gordon and Dean Biersch 10 years ago, Las Vegas is the flagship location. The building is modeled after a converted San Francisco warehouse, but the interior is upscale. The large bar is ground zero for the daily after-work crowds of professionals and conventioneers who spill out onto the sizable beer garden patio in the warmer weather. No beer goggles here…the women are hot, the beer cold, and atmosphere electric. Seasonal brews such as the medium-bodied Maibock available in May and June make repeat excursions here a necessity. Biersch learned his craft at the Harvard of Beer-Making in Germany…you can go to college for this? Only four ingredients allowed: malted barley, water, hops, and yeast. The magic is how you put it all together and Dan and Dean have got it going on here in Las Vegas.

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