Best Meal For a Moderate Price


Crystals Shopping District in CityCenter

besoEva Longoria Parker dazzles the Las Vegas Strip with her celebrated Hollywood restaurant at Crystals, Beso.  The second installation of her dining creation, Beso in Las Vegas combines Longoria Parker’s Latin heritage and her passion for cooking with the culinary talents of celebrated chef, Todd English. The result is an array of memorable dishes, from flavorful, tender cuts of aged beef to an assortment of Eva’s signature selections.  “Vegas has the most energy in the world. It’s a foodie city, which is great for us because of our menu. Everything we offer is pretty unique. Nobody in Vegas has anything similar.”  The actress says the menu features signature dishes including her personal favorites – flatbread, tortilla soup and guacamole – and is similar to the look and offerings at her first restaurant, Hollywood’s Beso. To distinguish between the two places, “There are different specials and drinks – Vegas style,” she says. “Also upstairs we have a lounge called Eve.”

Olives at the Bellagio

The Bellagio Shops

rest_olives_photoTodd English might be considered one of those golden boys with a big white hat. This guy has found a way to put figs on a thin crust pizza and mix it in with razor thin prosciutto. In fact, he puts figs on a lot things, and the twists he puts on pastas and antipastos are good enough for the Pope’s paunch. In a place like Bellagio, where your competition is Le Cirque and Picasso, and your location is next to Hermes and across from Tiffany, you got to be good, right? But then you think you’d have to rob a don to get out of there. Nope. You can do lunch for under $20. That is, if you don’t order any of their addictive seasoned flatbreads and dinners. Well, you’ll get your money’s worth and you won’t have to explain it to your accountant. The place is loud and fun, full of color and cartoon elements. Hang by the window or on the terrace if it’s open. The lake at Bellagio doesn’t get closer than this.

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