Best Hotel Pool Cabanas

Hard Rock Beach

hotel_cabanas_photoYou’re in Vegas to party like a rock star, so make sure you do it right even when you’re burning off the previous night’s vodka and Red Bull’s poolside. Anyone can catch a hangover sunburn on a chaise lounge, but only players know the real action is in the cabanas, and the best in Vegas are found at the Hard Rock Hotel Beach. These 35 Tahitian-style private huts come loaded with cable TV, telephones, refrigerators, fresh fruit and misters. But you rent the Hard Rock cabanas for the eye candy: hunks and hotties, movie and TV celebrities, musicians, models, starlets-in-training, and pro athlete hard bodies. Cabanas on multiple levels can be secluded or front-and-center to the sand beach, waterfalls, float river, and swim up blackjack tables. Hard Rock is all about the music whether you’re in the cabana, on the beach or in the water. Music is piped underwater through an underwater sound system. Towering palm trees and a winding shoreline create a castaway lagoon atmosphere. Ginger or Maryann? Why not both at this ultra-sexy faux island getaway. Click here to check out their pool cam at Hard Rock Hotel, 4455 Paradise Road, (800) HRD-ROCK.

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