Best French Asian Chow

Ah Sin

Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

ah-sin-sushiVegas patrons just can’t get enough Asian Fusion. Ah Sin specializes in Pan-Asian cuisine with French culinary flare. This “Pan Asian Parisian” dining adventure is made more spectacular by its open-air, indoor/outdoor location directly on the Las Vegas Strip.  Ah Sin at Paris Las Vegas is the latest and most thrilling dining experience in Las Vegas. World-renowned chefs prepare a diverse collection from the best flavors and cooking techniques of the Pacific Rim.  Enjoy all you can eat sushi nightly and choose from a selection of freshly prepared sushi rolls including:  Tuna Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Salmon Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll, California Roll, Crab Roll, Shrimp Roll, Vegetable Roll, Cucumber Roll and Philadelphia Roll.  The distinctive decor includes dining stations with sumptuous delicacies ranging from Mongolian lamb chops to Malaysian lobster salad to a delectable array of French specialty desserts and pastries. You can move from Thai noodles to Chinese Szechuan beef to a Japanese spider roll to a French dessert in a matter of minutes.

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