Best Free Show On The Strip

Show in the Sky

Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino

show-in-the-skyThe best free entertainment in Las Vegas is back and better than ever.  The excitement is hotter than ever at Rio’s Masquerade Village with the Show in the Sky!  All-new sets.  All-new costumes.  All-new choreography.  It’s a unique performance every time, with three different shows featuring stunning dancers in eye-popping costume fashions from the likes of DKNY and Victoria’s Secret.  These talented entertainers perform all-new routines to edgy music as fantasy floats glide above the crowd, creating an energetic and dynamic musical celebration.  The all-new Show in the Sky is performed hourly from 7 pm until midnight every Thursday through Sunday.  On Monday through Wednesday nights, Latin band Michito Sanchez & Bahia performs on the Masquerade Village Stage from 7 pm to midnight.  Expect festive Latin tunes accenting the strong percussion influence of Brazil.  The creative use of drums will bring a rhythmic feel to Rio’s casino floor.  Guests can ride on the floats suspended over the floor for a fee and if they meet certain physical requirements.

Sirens of TI

TI Hotel and Casino

rest_sirens_photoVegas puts on some of the biggest, most outrageous and most expensive shows anywhere. And you generally pay dearly to see them. Good seats to a big time boxing match will run $1,500. Top music artist tickets can cost almost $10,000 a pair for a rare show in a small venue. So when Treasure Island Resort Casino put an almost full-scale pirate battle in a moat in front of the hotel where passersby could watch for free, they had a hit. For 10 years and more than 16,000 shows, an estimated 35 million people stopped to watch the spectacle. But nothing stays the same forever in Vegas, and when the hotel decided to sex itself up to attract more hip, young singles and couples, it changed the battle for Buccaneer Bay into the seduction of Sirens Cove. Don’t fret…if you liked the old show because stuff got blown up and set on fire, it still has that. But now the battle is between a ship full of beautiful, scantily-clad temptresses and a man-o-war bearing rugged, handsome renegade pirates. They square off nightly in 15-minute pitched battles, but the show doesn’t stop there. The Sirens of TI are a key part of TI’s new look and attitude. Go inside after the show and you’re likely to come face-to-face with the Sirens as they mingle with guests throughout the hotel. Sirens of TI, shows at 6, 8 and 10pm nightly (weather permitting).

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