Best Eye-Candy Interior

The Venetian

hotel_venetianeyecandy_photA billion and a half buys a lot of hotel, and this one does it right. Feast your eyes on the best Las Vegas interior on The Strip. The hallways are covered with Renaissance recreations framed in 24 kt. gold leaf and statues that would do Michelangelo proud, right down to the veined fig leaf and fiery-eyed expressions. You’ll think you’ve died and gone to Venice when you approach the resort from the scaled Campanile or the halls of the Doge’s palace crowned by lines of sculpted busts. Inside, pre-Raphaelite angels follow you with knowing eyes to the shopping arcade where designers even added an “authentic” Venetian canal with crooning gondoliers. These guys are not to be outdone by the strolling musicians and opera divas in the mini St. Mark’s Square. A feast for your senses and sugar for your soul. 702-414-1000

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