Best DJ Scene

Haze Nightclub

Aria Hotel and Casino in City Center

haze-nightclubHaze Nightclub opened New Year’s Eve 2010 as a dramatic 25,500-square-foot cutting-edge space in where locals and tourists alike will be challenged to question their sense of perception and reality. Designed by award-winning interior design firm, ICRAVE, the nightclub features oversized hanging props over the entryway, drawing guests to a grand central staircase which transports them to the mezzanine level where one can enjoy a birds-eye view of the action down below.  The main dance floor, filled with beats from the world’s best DJs, will be home to 100 square feet of interactive projection screens on a performance structure where impromptu surprise acts by two world-renowned artists will take place. Suede walls and plush surfaces speckle the weaving interior of this nightlife destination boasting a unique 20-foot wall of lights that incorporates the latest in technology. Haze’s revolutionary sound system, designed by Avalon Sound, is the first audio system in the world to utilize the latest in sound technology, creating a music environment unlike anything Las Vegas has heard. Full color laser shows will add to the sensory experience.

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